Strauss-Kahn was freed

Court of New York dismissed the former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of crimes of a sexual nature, from house arrest.According to his lawyer, financier, was released on bail from the territory SShA.Sud New York dismissed the former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of crimes of a sexual nature, from house arrest.According to his lawyer, financier, was released on bail with the United States.

also reported that Strauss-Kahn got back cash collateral in the amount of $ 1 million.His passport is still under arrest, but soon, is expected to return and then a politician will be able to travel freely throughout the country.

The prosecutor's office in New York, which began the prosecution of Mr. Strauss-Kahn, today told the court that his case reviewed, but not closed.From the release of Media Policy concluded that the case was reclassified from the serious crimes to minor.Such crimes in America are called "misdemeanor" - they are the least dangerous and bordering

on administrative offenses.

apply to the court for the release of the ward hodatoystvom protection has allowed the emergence of new information on the case of Strauss-Kahn.Now the former head of the IMF will have to appear in court on July 18 when the hearing will continue with the new evidence.

day before it was reported that the case against Strauss-Kahn could collapse.Prosecutors have any questions in connection with the circumstances under which the 32-year-old immigrant from Guinea, had taken refuge in the United States.During the interrogation, the victim explained that in her application for asylum has been turned on the story of the previous rape, but nothing like this in the document is not found.

In addition, officials have suspected her of having links with crime and involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering.According to investigators, shortly before bringing charges against Strauss-Kahn maid discussed with the American, who has been in custody for possession of drugs, what benefits can be derived from slander against the former head of the IMF.The police found out that over the past two years, he repeatedly transferring large amounts on account of the maid.Total immigrant from Guinea received about $ 100,000 from him.

Recall, Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York on May 14, 2011 on charges of sex acts against a black maid at the Sofitel hotel.The woman said that the head of the IMF came out of her bedroom naked, saw her, jumped and tried to force him to do with oral sex.However, the woman managed to escape.When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, the head of the IMF has already left the hotel.Police arrested Strauss-Kahn in an airplane just before leaving for Paris, and three days later was sent to the New York prison "Rikers Island".

A few days after his arrest, despite protests from the prosecutor's office, the former head of the IMF has been released on bail of $ 6 million, including $ 1 million in cash.The former head of the IMF in anticipation of the court moved to the four-story mansion in the Tribeca neighborhood with a cinema, sauna, fitness room and an outdoor terrace on the roof.Nineteen May, he announced the voluntary resignation from the post of IMF Managing Director.

politicians still denied his guilt.The first version of the protection based on the fact that Strauss-Kahn did not exist at the Sofitel at the time of the offense alleged against him.After examination of DNA protection was the claim that everything that happened in the hotel room has been made by mutual agreement.

maid's lawyer believes this assertion lies and accuses the journalists that they are trying to present a claim as part of a plot against Strauss-Kahn.It is perceived as the arrest of the former head of the IMF public.Finance was considered one of the main contenders for the post of French president in the upcoming elections.Now, however, the version of the political intrigue surrounding Strauss-Kahn, sounded even more convincing that new evidence appeared in court immediately after the election of a new head of the IMF, which has now become Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy and Finance of France.