Prince of Monaco married

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock South African, received the title of Princess of Monaco, became husband and wife.The civil wedding ceremony took place in the throne room of the palace of the prince dwarf state on the French Riviera, RIA "Novosti" with reference to AFP.When asked by the ceremony, the head of the State Council of Monaco Philippe Narmin consent to marry Albert and Charlene answered "yes."

access to the throne room got about eighty people - close to the couple and officials.In turn, thousands of Monegasques - the indigenous inhabitants of Monaco - watch the progress of the ceremony on large screens installed in the square in front of the prince's palace.

civil wedding ceremony began at 17 pm local time (19:00 Moscow time) in the throne room of the Prince's Palace, crowning the top of towering over the port skalyyu.It lasted no more than 40 minutes.Access to the throne room got about eighty people.

According to the head of the State Council of Monaco Philippe Narmin, pri

ncely ceremony is quite simple, and it is, in fact, no different from the marriage of ordinary citizens.First, it was read the relevant texts, including the provisions of the Civil Code and the duties of the spouses, and then followed by the question of consent to marriage.

Then Albert II and his fiancee were declared husband and wife, and then Charlene Wittstock received the title of Princess Charlene.

Decorated national flags square in front of the prince's palace is filled with people.The crowd joyful atmosphere prevails, festively dressed people eagerly awaiting the start of the wedding ceremony, the progress of which can be seen on the big screen.After the ceremony, Albert II and his wife were in one of the windows of the royal palace, and then the person will join the celebration on the square, which was organized for the citizens of Monaco - 7.6 thousand Monegasques and their families were invited to it.

church wedding ceremony took place on Saturday in the presence of high society - the event was attended by two dozen heads of state, numerous representatives of the noble houses of Europe, the star of the fashion world, the athletes and the "sharks" business.

Nationals principality for many years waiting for His Highness find his one.Last time the prince's wedding in Monaco played in April 1956, when the parents entered into a marriage of Albert II - Prince Rainier III and the Hollywood star Grace Kelly.Now, nearly three decades after the death of Princess Grace died in a car crash in September 1982, in Monaco last appeared "first lady".

betrothed at birth Albert-Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi, Albert II has long remained a confirmed bachelor: he attributed numerous novels, many famous beauties claimed on his hand and heart, and the tabloid press jealously watched his personal life by building speculation andspreading gossip about his love affairs.At this prince has two illegitimate children by different mothers - a daughter in 1992 and a son born in 2003.

Albert's reluctance to marry his troubled father, who even declared in 2000 that he was ready to pass the throne to his son's son, if he had a family and heir.However, Albert married in no hurry, so in order to ensure succession and preservation of the crown of the oldest European dynasty of Grimaldi, which has a history of more than 700 years, in 2002 to Monaco constitution even been amended, according to which the right to inherit the throne got brothers and the monarch's sister, andand his nephews and nieces.

Monaco - dwarf state area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout two square kilometers on the French Mediterranean coast.The country is known, first and foremost, tax incentives that attract entrepreneurs from around the world (Monaco residents do not pay income tax), as well as the famous Monte Carlo casino and the race "Formula-1".