Actors " Taganka " Lyubimov was accused of defamation

staff of the Moscow Taganka Theater artistic director accused Yuri Lyubimov of libel, as well as an attempt to insult and humiliate the artists.Open letter to the relevant actors statement sent to the media, RIA Novosti reported.In addition, the Department of Culture of Moscow has not confirmed the previously circulated information about the appointment of the actor Valery Zolotukhin director of the theater.

open letter signed by leading actors of "Taganka", in particular, Felix Antipov, Alexei Grabbe, Love Selyutina Larisa Maslova and Anatoly Vasilyev.According to them, the accusations of greed Lyubimov insulting and untrue.

"After the success in the Czech audience on his arrival in Moscow on us unexpectedly hit a real barrage of slander and insults, disseminated through the media Lyubimov and his wife ... Yuri Petrovich said that the actors on the stage began to pull each other's bills without payingattention to the beginning of the great master-class director. Who except the Yu.P.Lyubimova and his

wife saw this scene? and where in circulation issued by us contained an ultimatum, the threat of disruption of rehearsals and performances, and the attempt of extortion in which we accused the director ?! "- the statement says.

According to the artist, one of them "did not seek notoriety and to not assume that the internal delicate question of money will result in a national discussion."Moreover, at a press conference hosted by the actors of the theater on Friday, Lyubimov invited to stay the artistic director of "Taganka" and the authority of the Director to transfer the individual.From acclaimed director offers refused.

Also on Friday, it was announced that the common information before the appointment of Valery Zolotukhin as acting head of the Taganka Theater, probably not true.According to the press secretary of the Moscow Department of Culture, the Office of such information has been received.In addition, information on the appointment of the head of the theater Zolotukhin "premature" actor named Felix Antipov, noting that Zolotukhin has headed the theater in Barnaul.

about the need to resolve the conflict claimed many members of the cultural community, in particular, the head of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the Moscow theater Tabakov Oleg Tabakov, and the Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev, calling for reconciliation member acting troupe and the famous artistic director.