Gaddafi has threatened to take the war in Europe if NATO does not stop the operation in Libya

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Friday threatened to take the attacks in Europe if NATO does not stop its military campaign against his regime, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Associated Press.

"Libyans are able to one day move the battlefield in Europe, where legitimate military targets will be your home, office, family - just as they are now your goals are our houses," - said the Colonel, addressing this passage directly to the Western countries.

These threats were made in Gaddafi audio message to thousands of supporters gathered in the main square of the capital Tripoli.Their Friday demonstration was one of the largest in recent weeks.

"We'll do to you just as you are with us, -" promised "the Libyan leader -.. If this decision is made, we will break into Europe like locusts, like a swarm of bees recommend that you get out of the country until youfaced with a catastrophe, "- he continued.

In the same speech, broadcast from an undisclosed location, Gaddafi called Libyan rebels fightin

g against his regime, "traitors" and urged his supporters to seize weapons supplied to the rebels France.

Recall a few days ago it was reported that France secretly rebels tossed 40 tons of weapons, including anti-tank missiles.French military acknowledged this is partly - according to them, the Libyan opposition received only light weapons, but not the rocket.

Anyway, France became the first member country of NATO, which is officially recognized in the armed revolt against Gaddafi's forces.

numerous demonstrations in support of the Libyan regime was held a few days after the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued a warrant for the arrest of Gaddafi and his son Seif al-Islam.The latter, in an interview with the English-language Russia Today TV channel said that Libya NATO's like McDonalds: "Blitz-war they perceive as fast food" (VIDEO).

Recall Western military operation in Libya continues March 19 it involves the United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway.

aim of the operation under the command of NATO, which received the code name "United defender" is, as claimed in the Alliance, providing the arms embargo, no-fly zone and action to protect the civilian population.The mandate for it to expire on June 27, but on June 1, NATO extended the operation for 90 days - until the end of September.