Fresh eyes shine ( self-care )

If you do not get enough sleep, spend a lot of time at the computer, then chances are, your eyes are always red and swollen.Here are a few tricks, and your eyes will become healthy again blesk.1.Deceptive maneuvers.After a restless night eyes look tired.It can help one trick - all the attention of others should be transferred to the lips.To do this, they must make up stridently-bright lipstick.Circle the contour of the lips with a pencil the same shade and apply lipstick.

2. Mini-gym.Sit on a chair and just relax.Inhale and strongly tilt the head to the left.Exhale and return your head to its original position.Then all the same with a slope to the right.Repeat 3 times tilts to each side.After completing this exercise, close your eyes and mentally draw of eight.It's relaxing.

3. Cold spoons.Swelling subsides eye using a compress of conventional spoons: Put 2 teaspoons in the fridge for 30 minutes, then remove, close your eyes and apply to eyelids cold spoon.Suffice it for 5 minutes.It stimulates the bl

ood flow.

4. More moisture.The skin around the eyes requires moisture.Before heading out to visit or to a party, apply eye cream and let it soak for 10 minutes.

5. For the "vigorous" fresh look can be quite small trick.Nakraste light pencil inside edge of the lower eyelid.It optically increases eyes.

6. Shadow - under the brow.If the eyes look tired, apply a light eye shadow under the brow - at their highest point.This way you'll get a fresh look effect.

7. Blinking is permitted.Blink more often.Due to this movement of tear fluid and lymph derived from eyes, and do not swell.This is to improve the outflow of fluid from the tissues.As a result - you will forget what is swollen and red eyes in the morning.

8. A light massage.For a "vigorous" look does not hurt to do a short but effective massage.Middle and ring fingers press down on the bridge of the nose and zastynte 1 minute.Then massage your index fingers in a circular motion out of the corner of eyebrows.And finally gently push two fingers to the bone under his eyes.