The beauty of the morning until the evening ( facials )

We live in climates where the temperature drops and humidity are constant.Home and office air dry, but it only took to the streets - a tangible frost, snow, wind in your face ... Of course, in such circumstances, the skin needs especially in zaschite.Utrom after waking ...

- woke up, got up, stretched- refresh the face.It is best not to use water from the tap and clean, a key.You can wash the finished pink, lavender or rosemary water.In short, in what the soul is.

Well wipe the face infusion of herbs: chamomile, lavender, linden flowers, roses, rose hips, which are suitable for almost everyone.To do this, pour a spoonful of evening grass hot (but not boiling water), infuse overnight.In the morning drain.If you also own, lovingly collected the herbs, then they will operate much more efficiently.

From brew can make ice cubes - and convenient to use, and useful skin.Next to the person can apply a protective cream or cosmetic oil.But do not jump out at once on the street.Wait twenty minutes is necessary


also good to use for a variety of facial cosmetic oils: stone fruit (apricot, peach), or premixed with the addition of essential oils.Such fun you can do for themselves, on their own by mixing different oils.The basis can be soybean, corn, almond.For the eyelids well wheat germ oil, pine nuts.

Typically, oils are well absorbed and protection (and especially during the cold season), as it does not contain water and protect the skin well.

afternoon, while working ...

Make yourself comfortable: moisten the air, over-dried or air-conditioned, in the cold, central heating.Spraying water spray, add a few drops of essential oil.Well suited mixture of pine oil, bergamot, lemons in a ratio of 1: 2: 2 or lavender, fir, geranium, orange in the ratio 3: 2: 2: 1.Thus, it achieved at least two effects - disinfection of air, its moisture and good humor to boot.

In the afternoon, to improve performance, you can use a mixture of essential oils of lemon, mint, coriander, rosemary.And if there is a small spray bottle, you can moisten the face (toilet water, a decoction of herbs, mineral water).This procedure refreshes and gives a sense of renewal.

After the end of the day do not rush immediately to run into the street.Apply a little oil or cream on the cheek - twenty minutes - and you can go out into the street.

evening, before bedtime ...

Houses do not be lazy just look after themselves.Clean face of makeup, and more - all in the same way as in the morning.You can add a nourishing mask, soak it for 15-20 minutes and the rest of the evening is yours.

• For mask: take a piece of banana, mash it with 1 teaspoon of cream and the same amount of oatmeal.

• Another option: Grate half an apple and boil for 5 minutes with a tablespoon of milk.The resulting slurry can add a little oatmeal, and vegetable oil.

Such care will not take long.Main - regularity and thoughtful attitude.