How to use a face cream ?(Perfumes and cosmetics)

Almost all women, without exception, always use a variety of creams.Pick them up, usually on the skin type and season.Just on the face often appears redness.The skin starts to peel off, and even a rash.So it is doing something wrong If a skin reaction - it means that either the cream is not suitable, or its misuse.

Of course, in the first place would be good to consult a dermatologist.And remember that any creams must be used strictly according to instructions.For example, many women too much cream applied to the skin.But the excess skin caused by agents still do not absorb.Cream and remains on the surface.

Even worse, if the skin reacts appearance of red spots, or peeling rash.Hence the conclusion: in order to correctly apply the cream, just a few drops, which will cover a thin film surface of the skin and a good soak in it.

Cosmetic procedures

person is very sensitive to touch.Illiterate and patting rubbing can harm him.As a result, you get premature wrinkles and sagging skin.To avoid this, you h

ave to remember a few important rules.All cosmetic procedures on the face should only be carried out on the massage lines.

Forehead: mentally divide it into two equal parts.Mid must pass from a vertical line between the nose bridge and the hairline.Lightly stroking movements, apply the cream from the bottom end of the line, rubbing it in the direction of the temples.With each subsequent movement gradually work up.Finish the massage movements at the temples.

NOSE: Apply the cream from the top down, and then on the wings of the nose, without touching the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

CHEEKS: lubricate them with cream, from the wings of the nose, with a gradual advance to the cheeks.

chin and nasolabial folds: apply the cream from right to left.

eye area - particularly sensitive area.If you ignore the rules, even the most expensive and the best cream effect will be the opposite.You get swelling and bags under the eyes.To avoid such troubles, keep in mind that the cream should be applied only to the ring finger, because he is weak, as it is considered "non-working".Movements should be barely noticeable.Cosmetic means is applied only in the direction from the outer corner of the eye - to the inside, and not vice versa.By such manipulation occurs a gentle massage, minimal trauma and stretching of the skin in this sensitive area.

few recommendations.

- To ensure proper use of cosmetics, it is important to know what your skin.To do this, wash with soap and water, alternating hot and cold water.Finish cold.After 1.5 hours, applied to a tissue paper face.If there are stains on it, the skin is oily, if the following is not - it is normal, but if the skin is pulled together - then dry.

- To wash hard water is not suitable as it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, incorporating fatty acid soap to form a kind of "armor" of insoluble elements.So hard water should be boiled and added to each liter of 1 tablespoon of glycerin.Water can be softened, dissolved in it (0.5 teaspoon to 1 liter of water), ammonia.

- Each of the cosmetic procedures should be carried out at a certain time.Doctors cosmetologists say that the skin, as well as the entire body, lives on the biological clock.Therefore, for example, the use of creams and other means to improve the condition of the skin should not be delayed to late evening, because after about 19-20 hours, the skin is resting, and all the effort will be in vain.Damage cream without the benefit will lie on your face all night and have not started their healing effect.