Useful pieces of ice ( facials )

Water - the source of life, in any form it we always need.For example, we drink tea, juice, any drink - and all this is primarily a source of water for metabolic processes.And couples we use in everyday life, and the air we breathe, always contains a certain percentage of water.

Depending on the humidity of the air we breathe easy or hard.Recall another medicinal inhalation: the water - it's a vehicle for essential oils.

And here we come to the fun of water - solid.In this state, it is easier than in the liquid, so the ice is always floating on the surface of the water.Basis of ice - strong and slender crystal lattice, and hence, it is less likely impurities.

When freezing water gets very interesting information of the original structure of the earth!So frozen water - it's great, you just have to apply it correctly.

So, just talk about the ice cubes frozen herbal extracts.

What happens if we wipe the skin of the face in the morning for 1-2 minutes?First, vasospasm, and then expansion of the deep ve

ssels.When this blood supply is improved, and thus the metabolic processes in the skin are accelerated (as a youth!).And our skin looks younger.

Yes, if you're still using frozen infusion of herbs, then by increasing blood circulation, this infusion is rapidly absorbed and saturate the fabric with additional micronutrients.

Only here the grass should be selected according to the type of your skin.For example, St. John's wort dry skin, reduces zhiroobrazovaniya.And whether it is necessary to apply with age?Pieces of ice trapping should be used for certain areas of the face where the increased production of sebum.

Yet we must remember that this treatment of the skin, and like any treatment, it should be carried out not constant, but periodically, for 2-4 weeks.Then take a break, go to the steam baths, compresses.And all this can be alternated.

Pieces of ice is recommended for hardening, and even diseases such as herpes zoster, trigeminal neuralgia, cystitis.So by rubbing the skin with ice circulation improves, train vessels, accelerates metabolism, and we become fresher and more beautiful!