Diet for Skin

Beauty starts from within.It's all they know, but that's not all used in practice.We choose clock cosmetics, pay attention to your nails, make a mask for the face, but the nutrition somehow remember only during a diet.We agree there is everything and everywhere: friends pour the juice from the package - drink, uncomfortable as refuse, colleagues treated pies - eat, and they'll think that arrogant husband eat fatty meat and potatoes - and I will eat, not hungry go well.And so it turns problems kozhey.Nashe face - the mirror of our gastrointestinal tract.Pimples, acne, wrinkles and other skin problems - these are the first signals indicating that there is a problem in the body.If you correct the cause of skin problems, do not take care of the cleaning of the body and a healthy diet, will not help any gels for washing, no beauty treatments and facials.

The correct diet will do more than going to an expensive salon.If your morning starts with a package frozen pancakes for lunch you eat junk food, and prefe

r dumplings for dinner, it is not surprising that with the face of obvious problems.Brittle nails, lifeless hair and problem skin - this is the first signs of malnutrition.There will not help any vitamins and minerals, or visit a beautician.

Diet for Skin

Arrange a diet for the skin.

Avoid junk food and let your stomach in healthy and nutritious foods.If skin problems very anxious, always carry out the cleaning program.A month and a half, it is best to sit on some cereals.At the same time think of such power is not a diet, but as a way to transform your skin in perfect.Do not forget that coffee and alcohol also affect the skin condition.Together with cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet), you can eat radish, parsley, apples, carrots, onions and other fruits and vegetables.Enter products gradually.For two weeks eat only porridge, and then every day or every other day, add a new product.

If muffler diet you do not attract, try to replace bad eating healthy.Do not buy sodas and juices in packages.Instead, give yourself a fresh juice from oranges, juice of raspberry or currant.You will be able to invent drinks for yourself, why poison yourself with anything?Meat possible replace fish, milk - dairy products, and potatoes - rice.Once your body starts to be cleaned, your skin will immediately acquire a healthy look.

body through the skin trying to get rid of harmful substances, and medical cosmetics makes the mud to get out.Take care of your diet, and you will forget about these problems.The main thing, do not turn the food in the diet.Let proper nutrition is your way of life.