The skin around the eyes .Recipes from the redness of the eyelids ( facials )

skin around the eyes is easily stretches and is covered with wrinkles.For centuries, easily formed swelling, skin becomes inflamed eyelids, droops.These changes are caused by many reasons: long-term work at the weak (strong) light, sleeplessness, lack of exposure to fresh air, excess food and drink (in particular meal at night), smoking.It is promoted as low-quality cosmetics and disease glaz.Pri redness of the eyelids can help these beauty recipes.

- Fill the bags of gauze fennel seeds and soak them in hot water.After checking the temperature with the back of his hands, put bags on closed eyes.Soak in a dark room for 15 minutes in a fully relaxed state.

- You can moisten the eyelids juice of fresh cucumber or impose on the closed eyelids for 15 minutes cucumber slices.

- Recommended superimposition on the eyelid skin the following composition: 1 tablespoon freshly grated raw potatoes, 1 teaspoon of flour and 2 teaspoons of milk.The mixture is spread a thick layer on a linen napkin, and then applied

to the skin closed eyelids.

- The reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes can be gastric and gynecological diseases, kidney disease, liver, as well as fatigue and lack of sleep.Morning and evening, it is recommended to make compresses for eyes, using for this purpose the hot freshly brewed tea (bags).

- To reduce the bags under the eyes, you can make compresses of heated olive oil, followed by a massage of the skin with a piece of ice.After the procedure, be sure to apply a nourishing cream.

- When eyelid edema is recommended to impose lotions from chamomile and linden blossom.To do this, gauze or a bandage, folded in 4-5 layers, moistened with warm infusion, gently squeeze and put on the eyes closed.After 15-20 minutes, soaked gauze is removed, and then applied to the eyelids thick layer of cotton wool, soaked with any oil.

- constantly swells forever recommended to treat grated raw potatoes (filled with bags of gauze is placed on closed eyes).This procedure is recommended for 2 weeks every day before going to bed.

- Sleepless nights, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette smoke - the most dangerous enemies of the delicate skin around the eyes.To help here are the long deep sleep, chamomile compresses, rinsing with a solution of boric acid, exposure to fresh air.