Hydrotherapy, as a means of skin care products, has been known since ancient times.Various water treatments to help improve the metabolism, increase muscle tone, let alone when it comes to cosmetic effect on the skin, it is the water is able to make it soft, clean, supple and youthful for many, many years.

After we almost by 70% consists of water.Also it can be used for skin care and fresh water, and mineral and seawater.

• The choice of a hydrotherapy treatments depends on the goals you want to achieve.There is a desire to relax - please take a bath with any additives: salt, seaweed, herbs, aromatic oils, etc.The choice is huge.There is a desire to cheer up - with a shower or douche.Water has a unique life-giving force that gives the youth of our skin and soul.It's available, natural, mysterious and enigmatic at the same time unique.This is the element that nourishes and purifies everything it touches.In ancient Rome there was a saying: "Seek Healing baths."In general, it would be foolish not to use

all the life-giving force of water.

• But before you plunge into the life-giving water, the skin must be cleaned.If you are accustomed to using ready-cleansing scrubs - is good, but better to use sea salt, which is considered the best and natural cleanser.Lather body, take the sea salt and scoop her massage mitten, and then put salt on soaped skin, starting with the feet and slowly moving up.Do not touch the neck and chest, as even the smallest salt can cause irritation.But be sure to scrub treat breast (except the nipple), and armpits.Salt scrub enough to use once a week.A rougher skin areas like elbows, knees, feet, and most can be treated.

• Try also to prepare the salt scrub: Mix a cup of salt with so many sesame (walnut or almond) oil, until smooth, add 10 drops of essential oil of lemon, mix thoroughly and use once a week.

• Good clean and regular table salt, honey, and even steamed herbs can serve as scrubs.

• Equally useful for body mud mask and peeling, it deeply cleanses the pores, smoothes the skin, making it smooth and soft.In addition to dirt, can still advise the clay - it is widely represented in the cosmetic market.It is enough to dilute it with water and put on a body, gently massaging the skin massage mitten.

• The most affordable means of invigorating shower can be called, especially the contrast.When exposed to the skin at different temperatures, the following occurs: the warm water dilates blood vessels, cold - narrows.As a result of expansion and contraction of blood vessels become amazing flexibility that allows our skin to stay in good shape for a long time.First, a good body of steam out of hot water, then to 10-20-30 or 60 seconds (as soak) make the water cold.Repeat the cycle two or three times, gradually increasing to 6.

To extend the feeling of freshness, apply a few drops on a washcloth peppermint oil (or menthol) and carefully rub the entire body (avoid contact with eyes).At the same time, you can treat yourself to a head massage: apply a few drops in the palm of rosemary oil and promassiruite areas behind the ears - it will remove fatigue and excessive tension.Then lower your hands to rub her neck and base of the skull and thumbs.

After these procedures, you will feel the vivacity and bliss at the same time.Moderate exposure to cold has no contraindications: to improve the work of all organs and systems in the body, you forget what stress or depression.Win and your skin, changing its appearance - will be young, healthy and fully starts to "breathe".

If you are still afraid of the impact of the cold douche, or dousing with cold water, which is even more useful, start with rubdowns.For this procedure, prepare two towels: one for wet wiping, another dry.The rougher fabric you take, the more useful it will be for your skin.Rubdown well eliminate the stagnation of energy in the skin, remove dead skin particles, improves blood circulation and provide a flow of oxygen to the cells.And that is exactly what you need to nourish the skin.

In a first step, use cool water, comfortable for you.Well moisten a towel and rub their entire body, starting from the top and working your way down to the feet.Then wipe dry with a towel second body vigorously, as in self-massage.Gradually reduce the water temperature 1-2 degrees.When your body will feel the water as cold, stop to wipe dry with a towel.Just whisk the water after wet wiping hands and rub the body with his hands.After a few minutes you will feel as if the body is burning.This will mean that the skin is alive, "breathing", she is full of energy and enriched with oxygen.

recommended that these procedures are done in the morning and evening.Only in the evening did not end a douche of cold and warm water, or your body will not want hearty sleep.