Masks for All Skin Types

All women know that they can make a mask for our skin.Their nutrients penetrates deep into the pores, can smooth the fine wrinkles, soothe irritated or tired skin, to return to her radiance and elasticity.In just a few minutes using masks you can achieve amazing results.

But it is important not only to use a mask regularly, you also need to know which mask is best suited to your skin type, because for one they will be good, and you can apply vred.Chtoby avoid exposing their skin, and so troubled by bad ecology,experiments, read carefully, what type of skin fit certain masks: dry skin - a good moisturizing mask, mask-gel, very dry and sensitive - cream mask and moisturizing mask, mature skin - mask-skin, moisturizing mask, mature and tiredskin - regenerating, moisturizing, improves firmness and elasticity of the cream mask, oily, mixed and inflamed skin - cleansing, moisturizing, mask-gel if the skin has coarse pores, sluggish circulation, or a thick stratum corneum, use exfoliating, moisturizing masks

and masks-gel.

Here are some useful tips in regard to these masks.In the mixed type of skin cleansing mask can be applied only on the T-zone with dry cheeks is better to apply a moisturizing cream or mask.

For oily and inflamed skin have to use once or twice a week cleaning of the mask.But do not forget that this procedure is only optional but not replacing everyday cleansing.

best to use a mask, which include marine components - the mud, algae and sea silt extract of plankton and marine animals.It contains special substances that regulate sebum production, stimulating blood circulation and removes dead skin flakes.

Since cleansing mask dries on the skin, it is dried, it is not necessary to use them in sensitive areas (around the eyes and lips, on the neck).Dry and sensitive skin cleansing mask contraindicated.

dry, very dry, sensitive and mature skin cream will help mask.This mask is deposited a thin layer, opens the pores due to the fact that overlaps the air.The skin is heated and active ingredients penetrate deeper into the opened pores.Besides the blood circulation is stimulated, the cells are better supplied with oxygen.

If you feel that your skin is tired and retain moisture, then apply cream mask during this period.The mask is applied for 20 minutes and wash off, removing the remnants of a paper towel or rubbing the skin.

For those women who suffer vasodilatation of the face, Cream-masks can cause the appearance of new nodules or as they are called, "roses" on the skin.Therefore, in this case, you have to be very careful.

If you feel that the skin just need more energy or support, use the mask-foam.They are very rich in collagen, and thus are able to quickly provide your epidermis more moisture.Usually they are applied for a short time - 3-5 minutes.Soft foam is quickly absorbed into the skin, and it is not necessary to rinse.Such masks are well suited as a base for make-up, owners of the mature, aging skin, and they can be applied on the décolleté.

Plant extracts in the composition of the cream-mask to soothe sensitive skin, removing irritation and redness.

moisturizing mask suitable for all skin types.They contain a lot of moisture, which will make any skin supple.Suffice it to 8 minutes, the skin filled with moisture, the remains should be removed with a paper towel.The procedure of humidification can be done very often.

Owners normal skin moisturizing masks can be done once a week, the rest of the skin types recommended for the prevention (especially if the skin is suffering from a lack of moisture) and use the mask once a week.

peeling and exfoliating masks are not advised to use for dry and sensitive skin type, and on the other hand, women with oily skin, mixed with coarse pores, thick horny layer peeling can be carried out once a week after evening cleansing.Just remember that your skin does not hide hippo - do not scrub it semolina particles.

Apply the mask on your face and rub her soft, small circular movements.Thereafter, warm water rinse.Strongly contraindicated peeling skin with dilated blood vessels or prone to their expansion, since it stimulates the blood circulation is good.

mature, fading or tired skin must be periodically (at least once a week) to maintain a reducing mask.It is rich in vitamins and moisturizing plant extracts, which are very beneficial to the skin after forty years.There are also so-called mask-lifting, improves skin texture and shrinking connective tissue, especially if the skin is sluggish or tired.Their use must be very clear to follow the instructions and do not overdo.Typically, they are used once a week.

Any procedure has its own rules, the application of masks is not an exception:

- firstly, that the active substance masks penetrated as deeply as possible into the skin, it is better to put them after a steam bath, but if you are prone to the appearance of nodules from the blood vessels,You have to give up the steam treatments

- secondly, the mask should be applied only on the perfectly cleansed skin all the nutrients to freely get into it

- third, mask, astringent, you can not overdo or applied to the skin in the eye areaand lips, also should be possible to relax the face under the mask - to lie down in a quiet, calm atmosphere

- Fourth, many nutritional and moisturizing masks safely put on her neck - she did not hurt

- fifth, does not harden the mask can be heldFacial longer time, giving biologically active substances to penetrate more deeply.

And finally, a remark.Not only masks are doing wonders with the skin, if your diet is well balanced, problems with the skin condition you are not expected.However, experts believe that we are not always able to eat enough to fill the body with vitamins.Therefore, in some periods (stress, times of the year with a lack of fruits and vegetables, etc.) should supplement their diet with vitamin and mineral supplements.