Masks for the face .What kind of a face mask to choose?

Long gone are the days when ladies were applied to the face sticky mass of whipped eggs, salt and white poppy, and sprinkle it with flour or chalk, to conquer the Cavaliers white skin.Today, topical natural health beauty, and the most effective means to achieve this -Professional facials.

Whitewash zinc-based, carbon black, diluted alcohol to podrisovki eyebrows - all this in the old days could not spoil the delicate skin beauties.To save a young and attractive long applied facial masks.

addition to famous recipes from fruits, berries, honey, eggs and dairy products rich ladies allow themselves meat and masks.For example, both the wife of Peter I loved obkladyvat overnight person steam veal, and in the morning to wash the blood warmed calf.Facial skin then immediately acquired flowering and smart appearance.

Today in the service of beauticians such a variety of face masks that unsophisticated woman is sometimes difficult to understand what exactly it is necessary and what is the fundamental differenc

e between a miracle mask from another, promising to rejuvenate its almost ten years.One procedure, of course, not be able to return to the years gone, just a regular and competent facials help to keep youth long.

Cosmetic facial masks are central to the professional programs facials.They are entrusted with a very important task - the skin and rapid recovery solution of specific problems.Ability to create individual recipes make a beautician artist, writing your portrait.

Professional masks persons have a broad spectrum of action : they can whiten, moisturize and nourish the skin, cleanse and stimulate, rejuvenate, reduce stress and inflammation, reduces pores.It is noteworthy that a face mask acts in several directions.

In composition, masks are divided into different groups.

Gel masks for face used, as a rule, for oily skin.They are well moistened, tightens pores and reduces inflammation.

Creamy masks are like-drying and non-drying.First soak the dirt, clean and narrow pores, slightly bleached, oval model, tone and tighten the skin, improves lymph and blood circulation, rejuvenate.The latter often act as nutrients.

Liquid masks face are based on gelatin, egg protein and cellulose.When dry form on the face skin compressive film which is water, whereby the skin temperature increases and improves blood circulation in the small blood vessels of the dermis.

scrub cream masks are a type of liquid and contain fine particles that help you cleanse your skin, gently massaging the face scrub.As a result, it exfoliates dead stratum corneum.

Paste masks face with fillers (kaolin, bentonite, white clay, alum, starch, talc, dirt) is applied with a brush, spatula or your hands, leave for 15 minutes.In most cases, the mask dries on your face, and it is removed as a mold.Such procedures are deeply cleanse and tighten the skin.If the mask pasty high concentration of added fat composition, it will provide nutritional effect and if colloids and humidifiers, the moisturizer.

wax mask for the skin face doing on the basis of wax, paraffin and lanolin.The mask is melted, applied to the face and allowed to solidify.Vessels superficial dermal plexus narrow and deep microvessels expanding.It improves blood circulation, the facial skin is cleansed, nutrients or drugs ampoule nourishing creams that are applied to a wax mask, easily penetrates through the open pores in the epidermis and dermis.However, wax masks can not be used for acne, dilated capillaries, eczema and tendency to hairiness.

should also be said about powder masks for person, as today they are widely used and are the most popular.The powder mixture is diluted with water or fruit sour cream to lotion-shaped state and a thick layer is applied to the skin.Under

ampoule is placed a mask means, nourishing cream containing enzymes, hormones, vitamins, oxygen.After 2 - 3 minutes the mask dries up, turning into a dense film, which is removed as a mold.The elasticity and turgor of skin aging is increased, modeled facial contours.

Such masks are also called modeling or plasticizing.Moreover, they possess thermo if made on the basis of plaster, which, when mixed with water produces heat.Such a mask is called thermosetting or thermoplastic .As a rule, this mask is applied to another, containing the appropriate active substances, and then the light warmth helps them to soak.Under Thermo mask necessarily put gauze "pad", so as not to remove the plaster cast with the eyebrows and eyelashes.

In recent years powder masks began to be used for modeling not only the face but also the body.The main integral component of such masks are of mud, silt, algae, Dead Sea salt.These components are well break down fats in the cellulite areas, nourishes the skin with healing sea ions, normalizing water and electrolyte balance, have not only anti-aging, but also calming and restorative effect on the entire body.

Among the most popular powdered drugs masks based on silicones .They differ in that they contain a wide range of dietary supplements.Furthermore, silicone face masks can easily be removed since they do not form a film on the skin surface, and a soft "rezinochku".Also silicone masks give a strong moisturizing effect and smooth wrinkles.

fashion trends in the world of professional masks for the face - the so-called biomatriksy .They are heavy substance such as a sheet of paper which is cut from a piece of a desired size is superimposed on the face and moistened with water.A minute later it turns into a gel-like mass, which has a particular action, depending on dietary supplements.

biomatriksy usually created on the basis of algae and other marine products.These masks are very similar in effect to the impact of the popular collagen sheets.Procollagen contained in these sheets enters the skin, increasing its turgor and elasticity.Especially beneficial are they dry, aging, dehydrated skin.

One of the latest inventions of cosmetologists - mask Parfait .The consistency it resembles whipped into delicate fruit mousse.Before you put on the face, the drug is passed through a special spray (pulvareks), with the result that it becomes a microemulsion, is saturated with oxygen, and just in front of the foam forms a "cap" on the surface of the skin.This form allows the cosmetic preparation perfectly distributed and instantly absorbed.

all these wonderful masks give a visible effect after the first application, but once is not enough to maintain the result.As a rule, it is necessary to conduct a course of 10 sessions (one per week).Then your refreshed and rejuvenated face will please you for six months, of course, if you follow a healthy lifestyle.