Preserve the natural beauty of the eyes : some useful tips

Joy and sadness, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, illness and just added years lived disturbing wrinkles, leave us "rays" around the eyes, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.Nevertheless, many women manage to preserve the natural beauty of the eyes.

You already know that the skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable.Very thin (0.005 mm), it has almost no protective hydrolipid layer under it a little subcutaneous fat.But the skin is experiencing considerable strain.The man blinking up to 10 thousand times a day.

Moreover, adds wrinkles and our facial expressions: we winks schurimsya, squinting against the sun, wind, wincing in pain, crying, laughing - all the leaves on the skin of his memo, leading to the early formation of wrinkles and folds.With age, when the skin is dehydrated quickly, this process is much more intense.

Another problem - "bags" under the eyes.Perpetrators of them - pads of fat lumps, on which rest the eye.Stretching a thin skin, they may form a slight bulge.Of course, there

is a family history of the formation of "bags" they occur in children and adolescents.Yet the years have their: a age of swelling under the eyes worse and does not disappear even after the holiday.What now - do not laugh and not smile?

There is hardly a person who wants to turn his face into a lifeless mask, but would not wrinkles.And yet my eyes and the skin around them should be protected from an early age and after 20 years, surround them with care.To do this, try to perform the following "commandments»:

* Never sleep, with his face buried in the pillow, as it leads to the formation of deep wrinkles around the eyes.Try to sleep on your back or on your side.Take on night soothing bath (coniferous, with a decoction of chamomile, lime flowers, roots valerian, mint), drink a glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey.

* Too high pillow can disrupt the venous outflow in the skin of the eyelids and cause "Bags" under the eyes.Ideal thin pillow.But the best special underlay roller.

* Waking up in the morning, do not rub your eyes.This way you doom yourself to early wrinkles.In the morning you need to massage the eyelids (and the entire face) cube of frozen infusion of herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, peppermint, and then moisten the lids special cream - itching immediately pass.

* On sunny days, do not forget to wear sunglasses.

* Morning and evening water treatment required.Pour in special trays (sold at drugstores) - a weak infusion (1 tablespoon per liter of water), chamomile, hold the tray to open his eyes, blinked them in liquid.infusion temperature should be 36 ° C.

* Use only high-quality cosmetic products.Each facility that you impose on the eyes, should be marked "passed ophthalmologic control."

* Also remember: no matter how perfect your day (moisturizing, nourishing, toning, soothing, regenerating) cream, he is not able to solve the specific problems of the skin around the eyes, and in addition, sensitive epidermis may react badly to its impact.Apply creams and distributes ring finger very gently from the outer edge of the eye to the inner, without stretching thin and sensitive to any mechanical stress skin.For better penetration of the cream is easy to pat with your fingertips the lower eyelid.

* Pay special attention to cleaning up: drip onto the wet swab cleansing gel or lotion for the eyes and remove the "dirt" neat moves from the bottom up, as if you wanted to emphasize lashes bend.

* «bags» under the eyes can be due to violations of water-salt metabolism, heart disease, kidney disease, chronic fatigue.Limit salt in your diet and consult your doctor.Well do compresses infusion of sage, chamomile or fennel.A teaspoon of any grass to fill in 1.5 cups of hot water for 15 minutes, covered with a lid.Ready infusion filter.Two cotton swab, place in a bowl with the infusion.Lie down, relax, attach to the eyes and eyelids wet swabs or a mask with cutouts for eyes.After 10 minutes, you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed.Infusion store in the refrigerator.It can be used for 2 days.

* If you have a few problems, such as circles and "bags" under the eyes, use two special means: in the morning - from the community, in the evening - from the "bags" or vice versa.

* From "Bags" and edema do lymphatic drainage, which will help to stimulate lymphatic circulation, relieve swelling of the eyelids.It is not difficult: take a few deep breaths and 5-7 Press pads index or middle finger on the active points between the inner corners of eyes and nose.Helps and a light massage century: from the middle of the upper and lower eyelid to the corners eyes.

* When removing makeup also need to follow some rules: shoot it must be a gel or lotion leaves no greasy film;give preference to creamy, not crumbly shadows, avoid using mascara, containing fibers;be sure to remove the lenses if you wear them, before cleaning person.

* When white "pips" on the edge of the eyelashes (cyst sebum - Sebum) do not try to get rid of them yourself.They can disappear by themselves, but if the process is delayed, contact your doctor, who remove them.

* Each time, returning from the beach, imposes on the eye for 15-20 minutes cucumber circles.Suitable and cucumber juice soaked piece of cotton wool.

* pectin contained in apples and enzymes to quickly relieve swelling.To get rid of "bags" under the eyes, is enough to put on slices of apple on problem areas of the skin for 15 minutes.