Beautiful female breast

No light on women who do not want to have and how long you can maintain beautiful breasts.And many women are aware that we must begin to look even before the onset of puberty for your breasts.

But, alas, hardly anyone is aware of it during adolescence.And then pregnancy, childbirth, breast child, weight fluctuations - all these are factors that immediately have a negative impact on the state of the bust.Meanwhile, breast firmness and elasticity of the skin - one of the main conditions for a beautiful bust.We only recall that in women with correct posture mammary glands are located at the level of the third and seventh ribs, and the nipple at the height of the fourth intercostal space.

From where should we start?With daily washing the chest with cold water and gymnastic exercises to strengthen the chest.And at the first sign of wilting breasts regularly contrasting packs (alternately impose on his chest soaked in water wipes), then hot, then cold water.

Start with hot and always finish with cold water

.And to improve circulation in the water, it is desirable to add 1-2 tablespoons of salt and 1-2 drops of rosemary oil.This procedure can be performed at home.But before you begin these procedures, you should consult with a physician-mammologist.

The proposed method can be somewhat modified.First, take a contrast shower for 10 minutes, alternating between pouring hot and cold water until barely perceptible redness of the skin.In this phase after hot shower for 1-2 minutes (until a little too noticeable skin reddening) to conduct rubbing into the skin of rosemary oil mixture (1-2 drops) and peach or almond oil (8 drops) and then rinse with cool water oil.

Hydrotherapy treatments, especially daily douches or just cold, promote better blood circulation and elasticity of the skin and muscles.And in the evening just before going to bed, it is desirable to moisten the skin breast lightly salted water.

For the contrast compress prepare two napkins and two three-liter bowls: one with a cold, the other hot water.In a bowl with hot water, add the rosemary oil at the rate of 2-4 drops per 100 g of water.Dampen the cloth first in hot water and apply it to your chest, hold it in for 30 seconds.Then 1 minute put to the breast tissue, soaked in cold water.The latest to be compress with cold water from the cloth.After that you need to wash the chest.The procedure should be repeated several times within 10 minutes.Process lengthy.Noticeable results can only be achieved in a few months.

After contrast compress can do the exercise for strengthening the muscles of the chest.Get light dumbbells, diluted hands to the side and make them into one circular motion, then in the other direction by 5-10 times.This exercise should be repeated at least 5 times during the day.

systematic and long-term holding of these procedures leads to positive changes in the elasticity of the skin and breast.A correct posture contributes to prevention of breast from premature aging and lowering.Chest forward, shoulder blades together, the abdominal muscles are involved, as if they were rooted to the spine - this is the most correct posture!Stoop also leads to early withering bust.

Recall also that regular exercises must be tackled from early childhood to old age, especially exercise, to develop and strengthen the muscles of the chest.