Mask based on clay

Many professional mask as a main component contains healing clay.The clay has a porous structure and acts as a sponge: absorbs toxins and pull blackheads or pustules.

Mud or clay masks are good for all skin types.They dry up, forming, thus, a solid layer on your skin.

External clay used in the form of applications, compresses, lotions and medical baths.Healing clay (face better suited blue) can buy not only in the pharmacy.It can be easily found on the beach, river or ravine.

If you decide to use clay masks, they found themselves, it is necessary to adequately prepare.For any external pieces of clay treatments should be pre-dried (in the sun or on a radiator).Poorly dried clay is very slowly dissolves in water.Dry pieces of crushed, then cleaned of impurities, pound to a powder, and it is desirable to sift through a large sieve.

powder is poured into a ceramic jar or enamel bowl, pour completely clean (melted or distilled) water.After several hours the slurry should be stirred thoroughly, kneading i

s not dissolved solid lumps by hand or a wooden spatula.Weight should be homogeneous, lump-free, and does not spread between the fingers.Clay slurry must be used within a month, where necessary adding fresh water to maintain the desired consistency.

It is important to thoroughly wash off the clay after use.With the help of warm water (not cold will wash dirt) slightly soften the frozen top layer, then wash the clay with light circular movements.

After cleansing treatment, the skin is always getting more taut and dry, so many women are beginning to believe that their skin has become dry from the normal, and after the mask of clay are very greasy moisturizer to compensate for the loss of moisture.

However, such excessive load only hurt the skin, and in the case of permanent use of such means it can actually be fat.Even if you have oily skin, anyway, after the purification procedure can not be left without power.

If you use a toner, first apply it on the skin, and then go to a cream, not forgetting his lines properly applied.