Cellulite and healthy lifestyle

What is cellulite?Age-related problems begin with 30 years, and with a sudden.There are nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and cellulite inevitable, if only you - not a fanatical athlete in the best sense of the word.Just when sedentary lifestyle, which leads most of us, such problems are inevitable.

However, cellulite - it is a problem from which no one is immune.And even on skinny models and gymnasts you can see cellulite hillocks.

Men because of its anatomical structure know about cellulite only from the words of women.But among the beautiful half of humanity cellulite occurs in 80-95% of cases.And beautiful it is no longer called.

problem of cellulite specialists defined as the tendency of fatty tissues to hold liquids.At the waist, abdomen and buttocks fat cells are very large and therefore can accumulate quite a large "reserves", to retain fluid and metabolic products.This results in swelling, compressing the adjacent portions of the connective tissue, which in response produ

ces dense collagen fibers, insulating lumps of fat and impeding circulation.At the same time gradually into the subcutaneous tissue characteristic lumps are formed, resembling relief orange peel.

What you can cause cellulite?Such reasons are more than enough.For example, thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disorders, overweight and, finally, stress.As you can see, the list serious and impressive, suggesting that in some cases, cellulite - it is a signal of trouble and disorder in the body.Therefore, cellulite requires greater attention.

Women living in the city and is experienced by all the "charms" of the urban disadvantaged ecology (especially air pollution), heavy smokers (damaged blood vessels), ladies, leading exclusively sedentary lifestyle (car - office - car), lovers of abundant carbohydrate foods(violation metabolism and weight gain), women who live in constant stress and who can not or do not want to correct this stress overcome, are also at risk to acquire unsightly bumps as a result of poor lifestyle choices.

therefore unwise to spend significant amounts on the procedures that in the best case for some time would smooth the appearance of cellulite, but in the end, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle will take its toll and you again and again have to fight this uphill battle, spendingtime and money, although it would be possible to increase the efficiency of 20-30% of any cosmetic procedure is only going to healthy eating, an active lifestyle (fitness or any physical activity), so getting rid of bad habits dear to us.

Therefore, fight cellulite you need to start with yourself, to review their habits, lifestyle.All the effort spent on the purchase of a beautiful smooth skin, come to naught quickly, if the skin is unhealthy strap a body full of toxins, the body, which the owner is not willing to give up bad habits or bother to even a slight view of physical activity.

And do not convince yourself that there is no time even to banal exercises - each the strength to walk before or after work 2-3 stops - will be a huge benefit for health and for the figure, especially if it becomes a daily habit.Nevertheless, the notorious "orange peel" is haunted by anyone (meaning women).

As shown by a survey carried out by, men and women have different views on the problem of cellulite.Those dimples and bumps on the buttocks, thighs or abdomen, by which we women are losing the peace, for them, men are often invisible.But despite this, women spend a lot of money and effort in the heavy fighting cellulite - "number one enemy".

About manipulations that doing a professional body aesthetics with the "women's misfortune", it is already possible to compose legends.Just imagine, it is massaged and break, heated and frozen, afraid of currents and ozone, coated with mud, creams, and even chocolate, seaweed wrap problem areas or special wax composition ...

Theoretically, there are many tools that promise almost complete freedomfrom this scourge.Practically, as the stranger and his own experience, it is impossible to get rid of cellulite.It can be slightly reduced and the mask, and thus simply feel more confident.

Methods of treatment of cellulite, there are now a great many.However, almost all of them are carried out in clinics and salons.But they can not give a full guarantee of your victory over cellulite.But it is safe to say that after a course of anti-cellulite treatments (both in the salon and at home), you will be much healthier.Because as any (!!!) anti-cellulite treatment (assuming a proper choice and conduct) is useful for your health and is not just a cosmetic or a masking character.

Wraps, massages (classical in the body, or lymphatic drainage, or warm smooth stones and so on. P.), Any treatments with seaweed, sea salt, SPA-procedures to improve blood circulation, promote drainage of soft tissue, the elimination of stagnation.Accordingly, such procedures heals the whole body (except in cases where such procedures are contraindicated).In addition, there is the effect of a powerful positive effect on the psyche, the majority of women, even after one session noted an incredible feeling of deep relaxation and relief from stress, which has a positive effect on the appearance.

As a rule, any woman becomes more confident after a course of anti-cellulite treatments.Confidence This is, of course, is purely psychological.But it is important, taking into account the following fact: Some psychologists believe that cellulite can cause depression!As well as depression can cause the appearance of "orange peel": you are experiencing stress, little exercise, eat a lot more, sometimes stop to look after themselves.So in actual fact the main your enemy - the wrong way of life!