The benefits of a bath

Bath - is the most pleasant of all the people's health funds.It soothes, improves mood, ensures peace of mind.Steam is very helpful, especially when combined with massage with scented broom, in extreme cases, a massage brush.

word "sauna" comes from the Greek, meaning "drive out the pain and sadness."The centuries-old tradition, almost displaced from our way of life in connection with the purchase of individual apartments with private baths, are now beginning to recover.

bathhouse procedure affects on the human body is multifaceted.Heat, water, steam, sudden temperature change, massage, even the most simple - all of these factors, together, create a set of stimuli to which the body responds with appropriate responses.

first assumes the impact of all these factors, of course, leather.Leather - defender of our body.In addition, she is able to breathe and this helps the lungs.It removes from the body toxins and thus facilitates the work of the kidneys and liver.

The skin is red, filled with blood, tran

smits impulses to the nerve center, regulate body temperature, through the pores releasing sweat, holds the body nutrients and removes harmful acquires elasticity, firmness, healthy color.Under the influence of the heat in the sauna the skin is released from dead cells, it becomes smooth.

The bath not only lose weight, but also released the entire body of toxins and harmful substances.Sweating allows you to bring the body in 3, 5 times more toxins and salts than it can make all the excretory system.Enhance the effect can be, taking the 1 - 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic.Since this is very bitter, garlic can be swallowed as a pill, washed down with water.(For those who have problems with the stomach, garlic is not recommended.)

Bath - a great tool for cleansing the skin.Here it is cleaned, it acquires elasticity.Every visit to the bath - it's minus one wrinkle.And that skin became more smooth and elastic, not long before the pair visiting dilute salt water, moisten the mixture and good towel rub themselves to redness, and then you can go to the steam room.

In the bath, you can lose weight in a single visit to the 2 - 3 kg.To do this:

1. Good clean the intestines.

2. A few hours before the bath after bowel cleansing nothing to eat or drink.

3. After the pair use only warm shower, not a cold pool.

4. After the bath, it is desirable not to drink anything, how would this be desirable, may be allowed only half a glass of orange juice, and it is desirable to immediately go to sleep.

Here are a few tips from professionals-bath attendants on the subject of weight loss:

1. Suitable for sgonki weight go to the steam room often, but not for long.

2. If you lie, the kidneys excrete more water than you can stand.

3. To enhance the allocation of water from the body, you can rub with salt, beer, vodka, honey, then climbing on the shelves - sweating increases sharply.

4. After drinking a little hot water, you will also strengthen sweating.In hot water, add lemon or cranberry juice, keep it in a thermos.

5. Cold drinks slow down the sweating, so they are not recommended for those who herding weight.

Here are some recipes for drinks sweatshops

- 2 tablespoons of lime blossom, 2 tablespoons dried raspberry fruit (you can jam).Boil these ingredients 2 cups boiling water, boil for 12 - 15 minutes, then strain, pour into a thermos and drink in small sips the broth in the bath before entering the steam room.

- 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves of strawberries, 400 g of boiling water.Boil the leaves boiling water, boil for 3 - 5 minutes, insist 2 hours.Then filter, dilute with boiling water, add honey and drink as tea.This infusion is used in folk medicine as a mild diuretic in the deposition of salts.

After the bath usually appears excessive thirst, first Rinse mouth and better tea.After 15-20 minutes, drink slow sips of hot tea or infusion of rose hips.Rose hips help of many ailments.They have a multivitamin properties.

Strong black tea to drink after a bath is not desirable, as it increases the acidity.

Even more contraindications for such a favorite by many drink as beer.For those who want to lose weight, drink beer during a visit to the steam room and then not desirable, since this drink can lead to weight gain due to its caloric content.