Means against warts

How to get rid of warts?Here are a few recipes.

Lotion dandelion

6 tablespoons fresh herb dandelion, 1/2 cup water.Grass cut into small pieces with a knife.Squeeze juice through cheesecloth and combine with water.Grease wart daily to 6 times a day for as long as it persists.

♦ Lubrication lesions castor oil will also help get rid of the problem.Oil should be applied to the wart for 20 minutes each day at bedtime for 1-2 months.

mask from the berries of rowan

tablespoon of berries red rowan chop, put on the wart and secure patch or bandage.Leave compress at night.Apply every day.After 21 days, stop course.If there is no fresh mountain ash, you can use and dry berries.To do this, they need to pour boiling water.When the berries swell, mash them.

mask citric

2 lemon peel, chopped zest and pour 100 ml of vinegar.Cover and leave for 8 days, stirring daily infusion.After this time, drain up, moisten a cotton ball in it and tie it to the wart for 2 hours.Lotion applied 3 times a day for

2 weeks.

mask acetic

10 ml of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of wheat flour.Gently mix the flour with vinegar until smooth.To put it on warts, leave for 5 minutes, rinsed with warm water.Pour into a bowl of hot water and hold it in her hands for 15 minutes.Mask applied every day during one week.

Compress garlic (option 1)

1 tablespoon of melted butter, 1 clove of garlic.Garlic crushed in chesnokodavilke, mixed with oil.Apply to the wart, to fix the plaster and leave overnight.Compression is applied every day to the disappearance of warts.

Compress garlic (option 2)

garlic cloves crushed in chesnokodavilke.Gruel applied to the affected areas, to fix the patch and keep for as long as enough patience.Rinse with water mass.After 2 chasa all repeated.Compression is applied every other day until the wart disappeared.