Cellulite .Fighting cellulite with the help of hardware effects

Think about what you do not like about your body?Many will tell you that cellulite.This problem is difficult, but solvable.Cellulite - the structural degeneration of fat tissue in women in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

appearance of such changes is most often associated with age.The syndrome of "orange peel" can have a negative impact on the psyche, causing discomfort.To combat cellulite, there are many exercises, drugs and cosmetic procedures.You can send your interest to any of them, and it is best to combine different methods of exposure.

Many sit on the diet, but, alas, stable results can only be achieved with the help of hardware effects.

Almost all hardware anti-cellulite action begins with lymphatic drainage.It is necessary for deep cleaning tissue from unnecessary waste products.Before the procedure, you need to drink as much water as possible, this will facilitate the withdrawal of accumulated toxins from the body.In addition, lymph fluid distributes uniformly in the body, transforming,

thereby your figure.

Lymph is:

* surface when activated lymphatic capillaries located in the skin, as well as active nerves coming from the skin to the smooth muscles of internal organs

* deep, when activation of lymph takes place at the level of deep-seated lymph capillaries, whenactive muscle contraction

* associated with the study of the area of ​​the main lymph nodes, usually inguinal, femoral and popliteal.

Depending on factors affecting body electrotherapy distinguish (by an electrical current) lymphatic drainage, the vacuum (negative air pressure) and a lymph drainage massage press when using alternating high and low pressure air column.

electrotherapeutic lymphatic drainage .When the procedure electrotherapeutic lymphatic drainage of the body is fed an alternating current of low intensity, which excites the nerve and muscle fibers.There is activation of vascular and cardiac and respiratory centers.As a result, it improves the tone of the intestine, bile ducts and ureters, which promotes the excretion of toxins and impurities.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage .For a limited area of ​​skin affected by vacuum, thus changing the amount of pressure.Because of this enhanced metabolism and increases the exchange of fluid flow.We must remember that this can happen capillary walls rupture, so you need to choose the correct pressure settings.If you do not, you leave the office with a large hematoma, which will have a long time to heal.

Press massage .Excessive air pressure in the area of ​​the body creates the conditions for the rapid disposal of the oxygen of the surface tissue cells.At the same time the body's regeneration processes are activated.This type of lymphatic drainage is used after liposuction for rapid tissue repair.

Following the procedures of lymphatic drainage cellulite number of affected cells and tissues may increase, which becomes noticeable almost immediately, so after a press massage is performed lipolysis.

Lipolysis is performed using three physical factors: electricity (elektrolipoliz), vacuum and ultrasound.

elektrolipoliz divided into two types: the electrode and needle.In the first case, the electrodes are mounted on problem areas of the body, and the second - are introduced directly into the adipose tissue.

This occurs:

* Stimulation of muscle vascular fibers, improvement of microcirculation and, consequently,

tissue nutrition * stimulation of the lymphatic system, which leads to the removal of decay products, excess fluid and toxins

* normalization of water balance

* Strengtheningmuscle tissue and reduced the apparent volume.100% result of getting rid of cellulite is achieved after 10 treatments.Vacuum massage

gives good results in the early stages of cellulite, when not yet formed tissue seals.

Ultrasound is used to treat all stages of cellulite.Ultrasound - sound waves with a frequency of 20 000 Hz.When its effect micro cells occurs, resulting in increased metabolic rate therein.

With lymph drainage alternate myostimulation.In the early stages of cellulite, it is a major health and wellness treatments.