Tips to preserve Sun

How long will stay tan on the skin, it depends largely on where and how it was received.For example, it is estimated that the "southern" tan goes faster than the one that was purchased, for example, in some holiday village.

And indeed it is, when it comes to tanning is not in the shade and in the sun.After all, the sun hot countries are very aggressive.Unaccustomed to his skin suffers greatly from its rays, even if the sun by all the rules - only in the morning and evening hours, and applying sunscreen.The skin is like a small sunburn.Trying to recover as quickly as possible, it is intensively exfoliate "burned" cells are updated, and is coming off a sunburn quickly.

But tan produced in the shade, there remains a long time, and it does not harm the skin.At the same time it does not matter what part of the globe you are sunbathing.However, to purchase a charming tan in the shade, it will take much more time than in the sun.

Resistance tanning depends on the individual properties of the skin.So do not

be surprised if you tan faded in a week, and your girlfriend, with whom you have spent on the same beach the same time, lasted a whole month.

No matter you are sunbathing in the shade or in the sun, your skin retains a good tan or bad - to take conservation measures need to be charming swarthiness as soon as completed reception sunbathing this season.

tanned skin, as a rule, strongly dehydrated, because first of all it needs intensive moisturizing - is unlikely you will appreciate tanned, but dull, dry skin.So every day after a shower or bath for 1-2 months, you must use active moisturizers for the face and body.Typically, in the name of such creams is "super" prefix or "ultra".

Do not forget to ask about the presence of wetting agents antioxidants.The sun in the skin increases the production of free radicals that accelerate aging.Antioxidants neutralize them.

immediately kill two birds with one stone - and moisturize the skin and help it to maintain tan - it is possible, by means after sunburn.Typically, they are used immediately after sunbathing to moisturize the skin and fix tan.But these means are suitable and when the beach season is over.Use them instead of moisturizer.And even better to alternate: the day to pamper the skin moisturizer, day - means after sunburn.

In order to keep a tan Avoid any skin whitening procedures or equipment.Not only that under their influence he will fade, but also may become uneven.Therefore, before using any cosmetic product, look at the packaging and check its properties.

Be careful whitening effect and has some decorative cosmetics.About masks for the face, which include lemon or cucumber, sure.

The use pure sea salt and various vegetable oils as additives for the bath in this period better.In no case do not broth Hypericum - dark spots may appear on the skin, and not milk - it whitens.

If you tan road, wait a month or two with sauna and bath.When Steaming enhanced metabolism in the skin tissues, it is deeply cleansed, and the tan fades significantly.Under the influence of high temperatures a large amount of moisture removed from the body, and tanned skin is completely useless - it is already strongly dehydrated.

will help the skin recover faster and keep the tan vitamin A. So posleplyazhny period poprinimat worth it - in the form of an oily solution or as part of a vitamin complex.The dosage and duration of administration should be determined by the physician-therapist.If expensive vitamin complexes can not afford it, we recommend you to have a simple carrot, but only with vegetable oil, or vitamin A by the body does not digest.

And in conclusion about the most effective way to maintain summer sun - solarium.Of course, resort to this method is only if for him there are no medical contraindications.One treatment per week or even 14 days enough to tan preserved permanently.