Steam Bath : secret under the dome

astounding popularity of Turkish baths among other nations due not only to the mystery of what is happening in her transformation of a tired man in winged and rejuvenated, but a complex technical device of the building.In the ancient hamam exhaust tube furnace was conducted under floor heated rooms.From the location of its longitudinal axis, and dependent of all other location areas.

main warm room, octagon-shaped, served as the center of the Turkish bath, from it to the sides placed a small guy - hot rooms.The octagonal room is often at the center of an octagonal platform for massage and a small room equipped with stone basins for washing.

Turkish baths were built on the principle of a palm, five fingers - five rooms, five bath niche.In the middle of an imaginary palm is a spacious room, which features heated stone beds, they are called "chebek-Tashi" - stone to the abdomen.On a hot stone lie, "cleaning the body and the soul from evil spirits and again- being born into the world."

"French writer Theophile Gautier, visited the hammam, wrote in his" Journey to the East ":" ... leaving, I felt so refreshed, light and fresh, as if the angels were beside me »."

Warm andhot rooms do not have windows in the walls, they are covered by round window with thick glass windows in the dome.The original shape of the dome - the ingenious discovery of the ancient builders.Under it rises and condenses into vapor droplets drips down and flows down the walls to the floor.

For centuries, Turkish bath gradually changed, to the unit added new technology details, the room became more spacious, the walls were decorated with painted tiles, and the room looked like the palace rooms.

Today oriental bath - a few rooms with different temperatures.For example, cool - for the rest, and are warm and hot for him.Hot room, actually, and a hammam.This wet steam room, tiled, with warm stone-lounger in the middle, with benches at the walls and valves with cold water.But despite some innovations, visit the hamam tradition remain in them the spirit of centuries.

Bath ritual

If you are going to visit a Turkish bath, focus on the fact that meditative relaxing couples - a unique bathing ritual with clearly defined rules.About them we must remember not to break the spell and do not spoil the day bathing themselves and others.

Women of the Arab East, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, hammam - is primarily a kind of psychological discharge, which blends well with the cosmetic procedures.Before entering the hammam, along with clothes decided to leave all the worries and daily business.The hammam is not talking.It is believed that there is lost the notion of time.The man begins to focus on their inner feelings and forget about the outside world.The hamam not go big noisy companies.Here, try to keep your personal feelings.

Bath to pleasures made to devote a whole day, as Turkish baths - is a set of procedures.Begin the ritual bath in not very hot room with hot stone couches (usually made of marble).First - half-hour relaxation.Sweat on the bed, moving to one of the needy with the hot steam.

hot steam heats the body and opens the pores.The air in the steam room is much softer, and transferred more easily than dry, hot air sauna or Russian bath.The temperature in the steam room hammam allows you to stay there much longer without feeling much discomfort.In such a bath, heat is transferred to the body with plenty wet steam.And since this couple should be a lot, and the temperature is not very high - usually around and 80 °.But in the Turkish steam bath must be careful: because of the high humidity sweat practically does not evaporate, and does not work the skin's natural thermoregulation.But due to this effect on the skin it is well prepared for cosmetic procedures.

steamed "body" was shifted on the bed and placed at the disposal banschitsa.During the massage the rough mitt removes dead skin particles of the body.This procedure tones as enhances the flow of oxygen to the heart and activates circulation.The body is then lather "black" soap from the oil and salt pounded olives solution.First soaping washcloth soaked in soapy water - that it remains relatively tight.With such a tight washcloths with steamed, promassirovat body remove the horny layer of the skin surface.Then wash with soap and water after cleaning dip into the pools - shallow, with different temperatures.The skin becomes smooth, soft and supple.

After the ablution taken slowly drink a couple of cups of fragrant herbal tea.French writer Theophile Gautier, visited the hammam, wrote in his "Journey to the East": "... leaving, I felt so refreshed, light and fresh, as if the angels with me next to go."