Natural cosmetic.Spring grass in recipes female beauty

During the winter period in the body is significantly reduced vitamin content and, in particular, ascorbic acid, essential oils, organic acids and other essential substances.Therefore, herbalists recommend pre-harvest plants useful to us in advance.

Some plants should be collected as early as April: bearberry leaves, oxalis, selezenochnika young nettle, St. John's wort, plantain, dandelion and wild garlic.Use of medicinal plants can give amazing results, but we must sincerely believe in the healing powers of nature by tuning into harmony with it.

From herbal medicine should not expect instant results.But even if you do not get "instant" results, in any case do not stop the treatment.Very useful are the various herbal preparations maski.Dlya herbal mask will need herbs, powdered, enamelled utensils for their warm, wooden spatula, cotton cloth or cotton cloth mask with a hole for the mouth.

about 2 tablespoons herb pour a little warm water and heated, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.The mask shoul

d be a pasty consistency, such that it could easily be applied to the skin.Very warm mask is applied a layer thickness of 2-4 mm on the previously cleansed face, spread evenly and cover with a wooden spatula or a cloth mask.

Herbal mask should be nutritious and warming up.In the first case, the mask is further covered bath towel to slow down its cooling.In the second to maintain the heat, you can use the heating lamp or electric heater.

unmask begin his forehead, nose, cheeks, and so - to the neck.Remains mask wash cloth and then wash off with warm water and a cotton swab.

All spring greens are very rich in vitamins, in particular ascorbic acid, carotene and iron, alkaline salts, the lack of which contributes to the rapid proliferation of bacteria in the gut rot.It is full of volatile production, folic acid, choline and other vitamins.Thanks to these properties phytoncide, young plants are well clear the mouth of bacteria and beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.Ascorbic acid promotes better absorption of iron salts in the intestine.Spring

nettle, for example, contains ascorbic acid 2-fold greater than oranges and lemons, and carotene therein substantially the same as in the carrot.Its young shoots and leaves also contain vitamin K, chlorophyll, volatile, iron, calcium, potassium.

From the first green plants can be prepared infusions, such as primrose, lungwort, the leaves of linden, black currant, birch or flowers mother and stepmother.Very useful decoctions of bark and wild rose buds, an infusion of the bark and kidney elm, young shoots of black currant.