Trituration with salt.Beauty Secrets of oriental beauties

Some traditions bathhouse ceremony beauties of the East can be useful for us and home treatments in the bathroom.First of all, any procedure for the body should start with a scrub.It removes old cells and makes it easier to soak cream or other means.Otshelushivaya old skin, we open the pores.

the East is often used to massage salt scrub.By removing dead skin cells, exfoliation helps to soften the skin and gives it an opportunity not only to "breathe", but also to absorb all the water healing substances.Sea salt - the best and natural exfoliator.

To prepare the salt scrub, mix half a cup of sea salt, 10 drops of essential oil such as lavender, rosemary and ylang-ylang and add as much olive oil, or any other, to obtain a homogeneous mass (paste).You can use any salt, even ordinary table (small), but it is best to look for the Dead Sea salt, since they contain a large amount of useful minerals.

Apply salt to wet skin, starting with the feet and slowly moving up.This operation helps to stimulate circulat

ion.Do not touch the neck and chest, even the smallest salt can cause irritation on the delicate skin.But be sure to scrub treat breast (except the nipple), and armpits.So salt scrub enough to use once a week.A rougher parts of the body, such as knees, elbows, feet, you can handle and more.

During the summer should be more careful to apply the scrub.While salt and has a soothing effect, it can irritate the areas damaged by the sun or shaving.After applying the scrub better protect the skin from sunlight.

After cleansing procedures can be "dived" into the bath or to get into the shower.

Recipe for peeling skin of hands: take salt, sea better, but the fit and the usual food, add grape seed oil, mix well.The mixture is well kept, and peeling can immediately prepare for several procedures.This mixture is ground to the hands redness and light tingling.In addition, the skin becomes soft and tender, the procedure is good for the growth and strengthening of nails.

Salt grinding can help restore healthy looking skin and neck.Prepare the olive oil, salt, milk and a little hot water.Heat the oil to a pleasant warmth and wipe them abundantly neck.Then sprinkle salt on hand and in a circular motion from the collarbone to the chin neck rub to a slight reddening.Following apply a hot compress.Dampen a cloth in the milk, half-diluted with hot water and keep for as long as there is heat.Finally, rinse the neck with cool water.Neck absorbs oil, much better than the face and hands, so the oil residue on it practically does not happen.Treatment should be repeated within two weeks before going to bed.

Rubbing with salt will help to soften and rough skin on heels.Take a lemon, cut it in half, pour into a large salt and rub the heels.The procedure can be extended higher pressure reducing effect.Then it is necessary to rinse the legs and richly oiled.You can complete the procedure, making the night the oil compress on the heels.

Modern baths hamam several popular traditional oriental baths funds:

- ghassoulite (for oily skin) - clay soaping land, supplied mainly from Morocco.Character ghassoulite impact - soft, degreasing, firming the skin.

- Henna (for oily skin) - has degreasing, antiseptic, anti-fungal properties as well as beneficial, soothing effect on the skin with an overdose of sun.

- Maa Al Saar - a liquid containing the essential oil of orange flowers.It soothes the nervous system, skin tones and degreasing.

- Maa Al TVG - rose water, has regenerating and toning effect on the skin.

- Argan oil or nizhalya (sunflower oil with the smell of lemon balm or vanilla) - used for massage.