If the hair whipped ...

Why ours, until recently such shiny and beautiful hair suddenly become dull, lifeless some, and the tips they now look like sloppy, shaggy whisk?And this is our hair ill.Now they are cut.Why are cut?What happened? Split hair begins after the chemical (especially multiple) wave, after staining, and if you are too often dry them with hot hair dryer or zaschischate from the sun and wind in the hot summer days.In such cases, the hair desiccate and lose its natural moisture, become brittle, weak - are cut.

But do not be discouraged!Split ends can help.

• Begin to use medicinal Shampoo with lecithin, vitamin B5, chamomile extract, lime blossom, mint, wheat germ.

• Comb the hair split only wooden or plastic brushes with large sparse teeth.

• Hair tips protect special creams or balms for split ends (they are sold in drugstores).These creams and salves rubbed into the hair ends after myatya not wash.

• Protection of split ends and create a weekly hair mask of almond or olive oil, applied for 30 minutes befo

re washing.

• In addition, the need to split ends regularly shear: approximately every 6-8 weeks, and if the hair is long - at least once a month, and it is best to do it at the hairdresser hot scissors that are "sealed" the ends of split ends.

Use the recipes of traditional medicine

• The scalp rub burdock or any vegetable oil slightly warmed.Wrap with cellophane head, tie a towel.An hour later, rinse hair with shampoo and be sure to rinse the lemon juice slightly acidic water.

• Take 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, honey, henna powder, brandy and 1 yolk of an egg.All components mix thoroughly.Then proceed as in the previous case.

• Each time after washing rinse the hair split infusions of linden, peppermint, chamomile and birch leaves - a tincture like best, choose yourself.

• You can rub into the scalp warm yogurt and put on a hat.Half an hour again rub yogurt and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

What can not be done if the hair whipped

• You can not comb wet or even damp hair, so as not to stretch and do not damage the hair even more tips.

• Do not use the hair dryer for hair drying with hot air.

• Do not use for laying splitting hair curling irons and hot rollers.

• Do not expose the split hair exposed to the sun and the wind, cold and rain.

• Do not use for laying reinforcement varnishes and mousses, as they contain a drying alcohol.

• If you can not give up the hair color, choose the coloring agents with a therapeutic effect, are well moisturize and nourish the hair.

• You can not make perm as long as the split hair is not fully recovered.

What should I do if my hair cut by

• Move more, be engaged in gymnastics, swim, run, ski, ice skating, cycling.We need active movement and physical activity.

• Sleep at least 8 hours a day.Strong, quiet, prolonged sleep beneficial effect on the health of the hair.

• Eliminate from your diet, sweet and fatty food.Eat more fruits and vegetables, nuts and herbs.

• Drink water in sufficient quantity to maintain the water balance of the body.