Hair coloring to tint shampoos

This method of coloring is used to give hair light shades.Since the composition of such inks are not included oxidative dyes cause a chemical reaction with the keratin of the hair, in contrast to oxidation dyes, these dyes are called physical.

recently appeared natural dyes that can paint and gray hair, though insignificant.These paints conventionally called semi-permanent.As a rule, they are used to hide the first gray hair, give a fashionable shade of faded, faded hair or revive hair after perming.

mechanism of action of these paints is that the dye particles penetrate into the pores and hair cracks envelop hair outside.This means that loose, porous hair are colored much better than living, bright and tight.

Tint inks are available in liquid, semi-liquid form and in the form of a cream and often represent a soap-alcohol solutions of dyes and perfumes.

crme Paints typically contain additional detergents and emulsifiers.Compared with liquid coatings they have a number of advantages.They are better a

dhere to the hair, they are easier to spread evenly over the surface of the hair, more convenient dosing, store.

Tint paint on the basis of soap is very easy to use - the result achieved during shampooing.If your hair is very dirty, the front of a painting painted them carefully washed, wiped with a towel.Then impose the paint on a slightly damp hair.Liberally soaking the hair coloring shampoo, rubbing it until a thick foam that prevents paint runoff.After the holding time the paint washed with warm water.

Tint paint is usually unstable, so if you want to save the desired shade, you can repeat the shading at each wash, several times a month.

These shampoos are primarily designed to revitalize, to make more vivid natural hair color, so choose the shampoo that color that matches the natural color of hair.Thus, light-brown hair under the influence of the shampoo of the same color get live a beautiful yellowish tint and dull hair, dyed golden shampoo, get a beautiful golden glow.Hair light brown-haired, washed with shampoo color Titian, will become more vivid, with a reddish tinge.Haired hair from the same shampoo will be copper colored.Finally, the hair is dark-haired, mahogany-treated shampoo acquire radiant red tide.

Application coloring shampoos on dark hair can not give any effect.After all these shampoos are only designed for embellishment, and usually pretty blond hair.

dark hair can be pre-lighten up, and then touch up coloring shampoo, get a lot of nuances within the same range in accordance with the mode and mood.