Tinting or hair dye ?What a way to change the hair color to choose?

answer to this question depends on what effect you are seeking, and despite what your original hair color: coloring shampoos and styling products contain pigments which are deposited on the hair and keep until the next wash.Rinse off tinting operate on the same principle, but only after the ink is coming off of the fifth, seventh and sometimes intense washing and looks.The general rule: the lighter the hair, the stronger the effect.Be careful with bleached hair: because of their more rough structure of pigments can penetrate deeper, they are not so easy to wash off.Hair Colors (koloratory) contain oxidants that break down the natural pigments, making room for the new colors - and a preliminary action dyes, the color of which is shown only in the hair.These paints are kept on the hair for a long time.This technology allows you to change hair color dramatically.Intensive toning containing oxidant on the hair to hold two months - this is the same as for the hair dye.Water-soluble pigments are leached over

time from the hair.If the new color is very different from a natural, it will be noticeable in the hair roots.Intensive toning an On-Off without residue removed with a special tool hair if your hair before using them have not been bleached or dyed.

How to dye your hair yourself?When tinting or coloring hair is a result of a mixture of the original tones and the new color.Therefore, make sure that the color suited to the natural tone.In specialty stores when buying paint, you can see the color map, which will help you at least a rough estimate of the result of future staining.Tint on light hair reddishnesses provide strong, and in the dark - a reddish tide.This type of dye is ideal for experimentation.For a stronger effect is needed hair dye (kolorator intensive toning) that break down the hair pigments.The new color has a bright tone, but no paints gray hair.For bright red hair colors should first discolored, and then paint.This can be done at home, but at the barber you less risk.Rinse off

toning always applied to wet hair, and not to dyed leather, forehead and ears smeared with cream.On hand wear disposable gloves.

paint is applied either by dividing the hair parted in the middle, or just on top of the hair, distributing it evenly from roots to ends.

toning vigorously to distribute on the hair and then comb out rare first, and then fine-tooth comb, whereas the pigments will lay flatter.

Exposure time: the longer, the more intense will be the color.Then rinse well and squeeze the hair with a towel.Dry air, then parties dosushit hairdryer.

If you like strong contrasts or the effect of feathers, a task best performed hairdresser.He will pick up the dye depending on the source color and hair texture and color, for example, a thin strands so that dominated a natural tone.The individual strands of dark hair would have to lighten up, and only then paint in red color or give them different shades.

Care Tips for colored hair.Red pigments are not particularly stand.Special spray applied before washing the head, will not swell the hair and keep pigments from washing away.Soft special shampoos for colored hair give a similar effect.

coloring damages hair.So they kept the shine, after each wash it is necessary to use a rinse - for oily hair, apply it only on the tips and do your hair, without affecting the roots - and the least time in two weeks, use a therapeutic balm for hair.Ultraviolet rays act, particularly in conjunction with chlorine or salt as bleach chemical.Use styling products with UV filters to protect hair from sun burn.Special tip: sunscreen spray without oil suitable for skin and hair!To refresh the color from time to time, use suitable coloring shampoos or rinses, or put on tinted hair.