Shiny hair

Hair does not stand still.With regular constancy, new techniques, new procedures, new terms to designate them.In some salons have offered customers new procedures - elyuminirovanie and Biolaminirovanie.What is behind these terms?

Elyuminirovanie - this hair coloring Elumine series by means of Goldwell.This is an innovative technology of coloring and creating luxurious hair was developed by Japanese scientists.Elyuminirovanie allows you to paint and tinted hair, giving it an incredible shine and thickness.

Unlike most paints it is not alkaline and acidic natural biological environment for us (pH 3.2).Elumen molecules are very small, and their penetration into the hair structure does not require disclosure of the flakes.This explains the absence of hydrogen peroxide in paint and ammonia.

Also deep staining agent and has a therapeutic effect.Damaged hair are porous, loose structure, a Elumine fills in the damaged areas, leveling and smoothing structure voloc.

Dignity elyuminirovaniya - unrivaled, shi

ning hair color, which achieve conventional inks possible.

Biolaminirovanie - is hair covered with a special tool on the basis of cellulose-enriched protein pearls.As a result, every hair is in its own protective cocoon of a flexible breathable film.

She smooths all roughness and unevenness of the damaged hair structure, protect it from adverse external influences, will prevent the ink flushing and facilitate stacking.

Biolaminirovanie procedure will significantly improve the condition of the hair, increasing their density.Biolaminirovanie hair can be colored or transparent.Due to a member of the protein solution, the hair shiny, flexible, and secure.Color pigment in the hair is held by cellulose film.Hair color for long stays nice and flat.A smooth surface of the hair will become an amazing shine.

Both procedures are soft and gentle in relation to your hair.So the choice is yours.