What do wrinkles

appearance of wrinkles on the face clearly tells us that the years go by, and we are no longer so young.But wrinkles can tell not only about the age of the person, but also his character, because the wrinkles appear on the face, in accordance with the work of the muscles, and this is not nothing but a product of our emotions.

Which emotions often overwhelm a person, you can see after looking carefully to the wrinkles on his face.

• If you are a gay man, the sooner you will have all the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and the mouth, however, these lines do not affect anyone, and look on the face of very organically.

• If you are shy, then before other obzavedetes wrinkles located around the mouth, as the Rays.These lines are from people who are afraid of everything in life and feel a strong need to feel protected.

• People who have more than others pay attention to small details and always want to be aware of even the small details of an event, there are radial wrinkles around the eyes.

• Do honest and dedicated individuals wrinkles form small horizontal line on the outer edge of the eyebrow.

• Intelligence "will give" deep vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows.She is shy and people.In the case where the forehead is low, it shows that people are concerned about, seemingly insurmountable for him.

• If you are not alien to such virtues as prudence and good humor, then, most likely, your forehead, "decorate" horizontal wrinkles.But these lines are a continuous line across the forehead, if such folds are formed by numerous small horizontal wrinkles, no not talking about some virtues - these lines indicate the inability to complete the case and a penchant for gossip.

• If you often are disappointed, it can be found on the face wrinkles, starting from the nostrils and ends near the edges of the lips.This is the most typical folds disappointment.If to these are added wrinkles, starting from the outer eye edges, then the person is on the edge of their opportunities, and if the wrinkles are continuing and below the mouth, it speaks to the physical suffering, and that person needs help relatives and friends.

• At constant anxiety the entire face becomes a "wrinkled" and there are two angular wrinkles above the eyebrows.

• Aggressiveness appears on the face of this: over the eyebrows laid two deep, angular wrinkles, angle more acute than in the previous case.Nearby similar, smaller wrinkles.

• People who are prone to nervousness, except angular wrinkles on the forehead appear small radiant wrinkles in corners of the eyes and the downward lines at the corners of his mouth.

• People who wonder around, usually have small horizontal wrinkles above the eyes.

• If you are lazy, passive and indifferent, it is unlikely that you have a lot of facial wrinkles.But the muscles of the cheeks, in this case is usually weakened, so ugly crease formed, the same fold is often a sign of laziness in the corners of the mouth.

By the way, from this cosmetic defect willing to get rid of all women without exception.But maybe you should not rely on the help of plastic surgeons and beauticians, and to try to change his own face, becoming an active, cheerful and caring, these internal personality changes will not hesitate to have a positive effect on your face.