SPA in the salon and at home

In recent years, the world embraced SPA-mania.Visit SPA-resort is considered fashionable, prestigious and evidence of financial well-being.The SPA-centers from all people get rid from wrinkles, money, cellulite, negative emotions, toxins and other things.And get a reward health, youth and inspiration.

Actually, SPA - is the name of the Belgian town in the Ardennes, a well-known spa resort.But the very acronym SPA invented by the ancient Romans.Pliny, Martial and Lucretius sang of "living" water: sanus per aquam - translated from Latin means "health through water", abbreviated to SPA.

SPA salons there are now in almost every city in the world.But today SPA - a broader concept.This procedure not only water but also cosmetic - using preparations based on seafood and other natural resources.

In addition, an indispensable component of SPA-programs - relaxing environment, stress.Anyone can afford to take care of the appearance of the so-called SPA-philosophy, which includes several postulates: relaxation

, care of appearance, physical activity, a balanced diet.Such SPA-procedures resemble classes harem, who day and night caring for him.Only the bath "farmer" are worth.

So, Cleopatra bath with milk, olive and essential oils, bath with sea salt, olive, rose petals and orange tree leaves.Plus all sorts of masks, body wraps, wraps - salt, mud, algae-based.Perhaps not look younger in such circumstances would be a crime.However, a week of such beauty in some prestigious SPA-hotel will cost you is not cheap.

In different countries, SPA can look different.But almost all offer the so-called program of Day SPA.Short-resort in the city.SPA concept rests on three pillars: curative effect of water, a special relaxing atmosphere and an integrated approach to the beauty of the body and soul.

SPA-procedures are similar to regular salon treatments to care for themselves.Rather, it is a beautiful ritual of healing and rejuvenation, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.Cleverly chosen combination of happiness, affection, peace, bliss gives absolutely unthinkable pleasure.These procedures allow to escape from the daily bustle and whirl, to recuperate, to find inner balance and well-groomed appearance.