Darsonvalization scalp

widely used in cosmetology electrotherapy - effect on skin electric currents with different, depending on the characteristics of the treatment.

When darsonvalization (the procedure is named after it proposed a French physiologist and physicist D'Arsonval) treatment is performed by applying a high frequency current pulses (up to 200 thousand hertz) and high voltage (up to several thousand volts).Darsonvalization scalp carry a comb electrode.

At the same time it is advisable to carry out and darsonvalization sympathetic cervical nodes neck and occipital region.On the neck of the procedure is usually performed electrode having the shape of the letter "T".the impact of power picked individually, increasing it until the tingling.Treatment for the scalp lasts from 6-8 minutes to 10 minutes.

Darsonvalization irritates skin receptors, which reflexively, like most other cosmetic procedures, through the central nervous system affects the blood circulation to the cell and the overall metabolism and other physio

logical processes.

After each procedure on the site where it was held for a long time increases vascular tone, and improves scalp condition.So after darsonvalization become more effective and other treatments included in the range of cosmetic effect on the hair -. Massages, rubbing, etc.

Like any other procedure, darsonvalization has a number of contraindications.It is not recommended to use this type of therapy, if the patient has bleeding or bleeding disorders.Darsonval not conducted at various tumor diseases, fevers, epilepsy, pulmonary tuberculosis, hirsutism (increased pilosis skin), some diseases of the cardiovascular system - arrhythmia, thrombophlebitis, rosacea.

Wearing a pacemaker is a strict contraindication for the procedure.If you are hypersensitive electric current during pregnancy darsonvalization also not carried out.

course, such procedures must be carried out under the supervision of doctors specialized in cosmetic clinics.