Wag fluffy eyelashes .Eyelash extensions ( I am the most beautiful )

The dream of every woman - to make your eyes a mysterious and expressive.Silk eyelash - the newest and easiest way to achieve this Silk lashes really make the eyes more expressive!.But in recent years, these cilia are widely used not only for aesthetic effect, but also due to its practicality.

There is no need to spend time and money to remove, and the imposition of mascara, do not need special care, the lashes are not "shall flow" when the "eyes on the wet spot."In addition, you do not really need to change their way of life: you can safely go to a gym, sauna, swimming pool - your eyelashes permanently will be the black, bushy and dense, as you do.

silk eyelash extensions is completely painless.The procedure consists in the fact that the base of your eyelashes with a special resin hypoallergenic cilia accurately attached, one to the other.The pre-selected length of the lashes, curl them and discussed the desired density.Eyelash extensions begin with the outer corner of the eye and gradually, over the

cilium cilium, reach the inner edge.This method differs from the others in that the cilia are increased separately, rather than bunches, which makes them look completely natural and easy swing of your eyelashes.

If desired, you can make so-called "foxy look" - a specific type of capacity, when not filled the whole area of ​​the century, but only half.On the outer corner of the eyes are fixed longer cilia, which gives the look slightly slanting look like a fox or a cat, and gradually decreases the length of eyelashes, lining with a natural length.

eyelash session lasts usually 1.5 - 2 hours ( "fox look") or 2 - 3 hours (full capacity).On average, this beauty lasts about a month, with the right care possible longer-term 1.5 - 2 months.Therefore remember that once every three weeks silk eyelashes need correction from the master.If you decide to remove the lashes, then this should also have a beautician in the salon with the help of special devices, and not their own ruthless pulling.

Silk lashes resistant to sun, water, sweat, tears, they can be painted with ink, decorate sequins.Forget about the effect of "theatrics" from the impossible to say that the extended eyelashes are not given by nature, but artificially created - they look like your own!