Audiosonicheskyaya vibration

Audiosonicheskie vibrators are designed to improve blood circulation to the site of application.Sometimes they are used in conjunction with manual methods for baking "the intensification of the activities of the cell," which, according to cosmetologists, may reduce or suspend the development of wrinkles, skin aging and the appearance of other symptoms of an impending age.This type of device, except sponge nozzle used for a pleasant massage of the neck and face, also has a flat disc-nozzle for a more intense impact mainly on the muscles and ligaments.Diathermy

This method involves the coagulation of tissues by heating them, typically using thin wire or the metal tip, which is heated hot by passing electric current therethrough.This method is used by dermatologists.In cosmetic clinics diathermy is used to remove unwanted hair on the face.it is safe in the hands of experts, surprisingly painless, effective and leaves no scarring agent.

diathermy is sometimes used for

coagulation of the damaged blood vessels on the face.Before you go to a cosmetic clinic for such treatment, it is best to consult a dermatologist.It will assess the general condition of the skin and decide whether it would be harmful to the treatment of damaged vessels by electrical or chemical coagulation, and send to the required specialist, if it can not carry out the treatment on their own.No beautician without medical training can give expert advice on such a complex issue.

high frequency treatment

directional high-frequency alternating current is applied to dry, cleansing, skin treatment and to create at the surface of the skin of the ozone layer, which has antimicrobial activity high frequency electrical treatment of the skin causes a temporary feeling of warmth and relaxation.But the assertion of its bactericidal effect by limiting the secretion of blubber is contrary to the physiological reality, as subcutaneous fat is itself a natural skin antiseptic.If this form of treatment is done correctly, the skin may be left permanent scars.