Masks on the basis of therapeutic muds

It's no secret that our skin is constantly affected by many negative factors: dust, cosmetics, unfavorable ecology, allergens and more.Our skin requires care and attention.Cosmetic mask - one of the most effective and, at the same time, available protsedur.Osoboe among the masks take the mask on the basis of therapeutic muds or mud mask.One of the main advantages of such masks is their naturalness.Therapeutic mud is a product of ability to live a unique complex of microorganisms and contains vitamins, biogenic stimulators, antibacterial components and other biologically active substances.

mineral composition dirt is simply amazing its usefulness.Just imagine (or better yet, try it out for yourself all of the unique properties of the mud mask): a complex of biologically active components therapeutic mud leads to improved metabolism in the cells, stimulates circulation, relieves irritation and inflammation, improves skin elasticity, smooths wrinkles, slows down the processaging.

Mud will help you to pro

tect the skin, improve the appearance and, more importantly, improve it.Getting into the pores, dirt cleans them, dissolving grease tube (comedones).It also has a disinfectant effect, helping the natural skin renewal, increases blood flow and saturates the blood with oxygen, reduces inflammation and allergic reactions.Dirt gets rid of acne and prevent its re-emergence (but individually), it reduces sebum secretion, tightens pores and gives the skin a matte finish.Regular use of a mud mask smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity.

Mud facials

Dirt, by the way, is applied not only to the face.Mud application on the scalp strengthens hair roots with early hair loss and increased hair loss, partially eliminate the early gray hair and make hair strong and beautiful.Dirt effective against overweight.Application of mud applications on the "problem areas" stimulates an intense blood flow and increases the activity of all types of metabolism (molecular, cellular, tissue) with a warming effect.As a result, the breakdown of fats.In conjunction with maesazhem mud acts as a highly active anti-cellulite gel.

revitalizing effect of mud procedures is maintained for a long time after the course.If you are going to spend mud treatments at home, follow the special rules of dirt overlay.To achieve a higher effect of therapeutic mud must be heated in a water bath to a temperature of 40-42 ° C.Gently massage movements applied to the whole body or a separate area of ​​the skin (face) by the method of local applicator overlays "mud pants", "mud socks", "mud gloves", mask, etc. Top cover with plastic wrap and warm woolen cloth and..leave for 20-30 minutes.Then rinse with warm water.On the course you will need an average of 10-12 procedures that are preferably carried out in a day.

To rejuvenate and clean the face and body as well as hair care, apply a thin layer of mud all over the body (hair) after heating in the bath, the sauna or taking a normal bath.It is recommended to start with 10 minutes and will not exceed 20 minutes.Apply 1 time per week.The skin takes on a young, fresh and healthy look.

healing properties of mud known since ancient times.Remember that resorts located near the mud springs have always enjoyed great popularity.You do not necessarily go anywhere, because you have a real opportunity to experience the wonderful effect of "luxury resort" from the comfort of home.In many drugstores mask miraculous, both imported and domestic production, domestic and masks are considered to be very high quality and high performance product and is not inferior to foreign analogues in efficiency.

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