Light your match!

lovers bathing days believe that, once having stayed in the bath, you become a fan of it.Of course, rare to combine business with pleasure, and the bath is precisely the very rare case.But, as with any major event in the bath has its own unwritten laws.

have baths have relatives in different stranah.V Turkish bath heat comes from the floor, his temperature 50-60 degrees, walk on the floor in such a special shoe with wooden soles.Such a bath is hardly a place for bathing, they are more suited to a collective vacation.There can be a wonderful talk, take a massage, listen to music.Visiting a bath takes at least 5-6 hours.

In the Finnish sauna bath, low humidity, high temperature, to breathe much more easily than in the steam room, but can not hover broom: in dry air and steam broom does not have to whip yourself stiff branches.

in the Roman-Irish baths will take you successively to several rooms with different air temperatures: 28, 20 and 60 degrees.Indoor air is constantly updated through a special sys

tem of pipes.

Japanese bath is a wooden barrel, which sit, the water in the barrel of a special heated stove.By the way, water can be used instead of the heated chips, grass, and even rice bran.But it's useful!

And how good brings Russian bath?Do not count!The pores of the sebaceous and sweat glands open, and all the toxins and waste products of metabolism are removed themselves, the humidity in the Russian bath is high, so the skin, giving the waste products, does not suffer from lack of water, but on the contrary, is rejuvenated.And not only the skin!Blood circulation in the bath is accelerated, which means that the cells give the waste substances and absorb useful much faster!Hence the feeling of lightness, after the pair!

Birch broom - almost a doctor.When the pre-steamed in boiling water birch branches in contact with the skin, blood vessels dilate, and then narrowed since achieved a tonic effect.

Make the right broom - a science!This is just a wild foreigners think that bathing and household broom - the same thing!Each birch twig broom to be young and flexible, no more, no less than 50-60 cm, and have a maximum of 2-3 branches.Harvest sprigs until the appearance of the "shackles".

Gone whether extra weight?

Many ladies are confident that with the help of the bath can be healthy to lose weight, so once a steam room, with the hope of jumping on the scale that gladden his mistress can not!But the fact that a single visit can be reset only up to 1 liter of liquid, and only under the condition that after the bath you will not catch them at the table.

If you set about trying to lose weight with the help of a bath, then this should be done on the system.Firstly, you need to go to the bath for several days, and remain there for at least 2-3 hours.Second, limit itself to the use of liquid (particularly cold, because it is difficult to sweating) and salt (salt because it retains water in the body).

If your flaming engine is healthy, you can enhance the sweating, naterevshis salt, vodka, beer or honey (of course, in the absence of allergy to Medoprodukty).You can drink some hot water with lemon juice or take half a cup of strawberry broth with honey.

Do not run after the loss of more than 4 kg!When the body is severely dehydrated, health can greatly worsen appear hallucinations and even a healthy heart may begin to fail.Remember, slow weight loss is less painful for the body, the effect of it is longer and more reliable.

How to get acquainted with the bath?

mark the first visit to Bath on a day-release from the evening festivities and the arrival of guests.Believe me, after a bath you would not want to show his face to anyone, and normal skin color will be restored only in the morning.

Even if you are used to experiencing cold without hats, caps and berets, depart from this rule in the bath day.Even if the street on a winter day, in your opinion, the heat get dressed after a bath should be in the winter.

Going to a bath, be sure to bring your rubber slippers.Fans of the baths would laugh and say that in the bath all sterile?Yes, they are right at the very bath really die at high temperatures and fungi, and microbes, but do not forget about the locker room, showers and a swimming pool!To then not bother to dermatologists, it is better to provide in advance!

first head is better not to wash, and tie it with a cotton or woolen scarf and go to steam for 10-15 minutes to heat up.Then, in a room for washing pounded soapy washcloth.Now you can go to the steam room to get acquainted with a broom.How long does it stay in the steam room, how many times to jump into the pool or snow - decide on their well-being and pleasure!If you are - beginner, do not try to catch up with the first-class bath attendants!The best way to do things gradually, to go to the steam room for 2-3 minutes, next time for five to seven minutes.

What should not do it:

- go to the sauna hungry or, on the contrary, after a hearty dinner

- taking entertainment drinks before visiting the baths, even beer

- before the steam room or in her drink tea or water.

"Absolutely can not bathe at high body temperatures, diseases of the ears and eyes, ulcers, inflammatory skin diseases, renal failure, epilepsy, diseases of oncological nature."

If you had a heart attack, stroke, and your cardiovascular system is not in order, before theadoption of an invitation to the sauna is better to consult with your doctor.

Where better to relax?Restaurants, movies, sauna?You decide!One can say that the ladies who frequent the bath, look much younger than their peers!