Light therapy in the service of health and beauty ( it is interesting to know )

Operating principle .Svetovaya therapy - a relatively new non-surgical procedure.Using light from a lamp with different color filters (colors of a rainbow).Red and blue are good for rejuvenation procedures: they penetrate the skin without damaging the surface and without causing discomfort to effectively act on the deeper layers.Red light rejuvenates the skin, making it healthier, more elastic, smooth and radiant.Infrared radiation accelerates the healing of wounds.Blue light kills bacteria, so it is used to treat acne.Light therapy is very popular, and patients always come to repeat the procedure.

Red light .

Red light is used for skin rejuvenation.After treatment, the skin begins to shine, the effect lasts for 3-5 days

if you spend a few sessions, the skin becomes more smooth for a long time.the skin condition improves, increases cell light treatment was well carried out before an important event or if you want to stimulate healing cells.

Though the light seems very bright, it is

not harmful to the eyes.Lie still and do not worry!The light has a beneficial effect, especially gloomy winter.

Near infrared light .

This type of light is used in television remote controls.It does not burn, like the far-infrared light, it can not see or feel.Near infrared light penetrates slightly deeper than conventional red, stimulating the production of stable collagen.This method is well suited for the treatment of wrinkles and scars.For several years it has been used to accelerate the healing process after surgery, and now it is widely used for smoothing wrinkles and scars.For the full effect, you will need a course of procedures.

As with red light irradiation, try to enjoy the session.Red light is relaxing and very useful.

Duration: to achieve the optimal effect is enough to hold 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks.The effect lasts up to 3 months.As preventive procedures can be carried out as required.

Blue light .

Blue light has a beneficial effect on acne and oily skin.It penetrates the skin to a depth of 2-3 mm layers at affecting hair follicles and killing harmful bacteria.It requires a course of procedures.First, the skin condition is getting worse, but patients usually notice and feel the change in the fourth week.You can expect to improve to 70-80 percent.

Blue light - a great alternative to antibiotics.No side effects other than a light redness, which takes place in about an hour.Some drugs, disease and herb St. John's wort increases the sensitivity to light, but the doctor must warn you about this, before you start treatment.

procedure lasts 30 minutes.The effect depends on the individual, holds up to 6 months.It requires constant support procedures.

- If you spend treatment of different types of light, between treatments should be at least 48 hours.

- light therapy can be carried out in the usual beauty parlor.

- Red light well with other non-surgical treatments, when healing does not occur immediately: laser therapy, peeling, microdermabrasion.

- red a good treatment before surgery: it promotes rapid healing of the skin and activate the immune system.

Applications .

light can be applied to any part of the body.Red light is commonly used for facial rejuvenation.Infrared light helps to heal scars on any part.Blue light is used on the back and chest, but most often on the face.