The use of floss (women's beauty secrets )

would seem that the best tool for the oral hygiene is an electric toothbrush with a cheek and tongue cleaner, but even she sometimes can not cope with the removal of small food debris from interdental promezhutkov.Pri using special yarns - floss - you can quickly dealthis problem.

Recall: in the tooth has five surfaces.In the most careful brushing, we process only three of them.The two sides which are in contact with the adjacent teeth remain untreated.And in fact they are the most dangerous in terms of the development of caries.Food gets stuck in the interdental spaces, gradually decomposes and has a devastating effect on a thin layer of enamel.The end result, a defect that dental caries is called food.

According to statistics, this is the most common pathology among all dental diseases.In addition, the formation of compounds that give the breath an unpleasant odor in the process of rotting food stuck between the teeth.

best prevention of these problems is to use floss.They are designed to thoroughl

y remove plaque and food debris from hard to reach interdental and gum pockets.

Floss is made up of the finest nylon fibers arranged parallel to each other.The entire thread coated with a special polymer that makes it slippery when in contact with saliva.Therefore, the working part of floss is easy to penetrate into narrow gaps between the contact surfaces of the teeth portion is wound on the fingers held firmly in his hands.

There are many types of dental floss.

Round floss are suitable for people who have wide gaps between teeth.The flat yarn is designed for those who have teeth closely touching each other.In addition, the distinction is made between waxed and unwaxed dental floss.

Experts recommend starting with the development of Flosi wax.They are easier to use.Having certain skills, go on unwaxed thread: they have better cleaning properties.

Currently, there are dental floss to prophylactically mi impregnation, which are not only clean, but also to strengthen the tooth enamel.Now on sale, you can find a thread soaked in a solution of two percent sodium fluoride, and a one percent solution of chlorhexidine.The cost of these dental floss slightly above the ordinary, and the preventive effect and cleaning properties at 50% more.

There are also so-called superfloss, which is recommended for people with dentures.This is a special thread, one end of which is narrow and thin, and the other - a wide and seemingly disheveled.Thin end easily passes into the spaces between the teeth and gradually stretching the widest part perfectly cleans the surface.

Dentists recommend brushing the teeth using floss at least twice a day after meals.This manipulation requires certain skills.

First wind floss both index fingers, leaving between them a few centimeters of floss.

Second gently enter the thread between his teeth, trying to avoid pressure on the gums.

Third, when the floss into contact with the bottom surface of the gums, it is necessary to entwine the thread around the tooth and move up and down movements, reminiscent of the movement of the saw.It is necessary to clean the teeth, focusing on incisors and molars.

beginners need to know that in the first days of use floss may experience slight bleeding gums.Usually, this phenomenon takes place in a week.However, if the bleeding lasts longer, you need to seek help from your dentist: you might simply incorrectly use dental floss.