What is electricity and ultrasound lipolysis ?( It is interesting to know )

Electrolysis (lipolipoliz or tsellyulolipoliz) - treatment of the electrodes using the low-frequency current.Basically, this procedure aimed at removing excess fat from the subcutaneous tissue.On the body of superimposed plates and the finest needle, through which is fed a weak low-frequency current (safe for health).Under the influence of the current pulse in the tissue metabolism is activated and produced enzymes that promote the breakdown of fat, and improves lymph drainage.As a result, life begins to boil and boil in a stagnant cellulite tissue.The cells are released from the fat granules contours of the body and the skin condition improved markedly.The number of individual procedures, usually they require a little bit and they stop when the woman satisfying result.

groupies elektrolipoliz desirable still dieting, limiting fat intake, otherwise they run the risk of repeatedly removing the effects of the use of 'buns with butter. "

impossible to carry out, as it requires special equipment tsellyu

lolipoliz at home.However, this procedure can be replaced by other methods.For example, ultrasound lipolysis.

Ultrasonic lipolysis - a procedure similar elektrolipoliz, not only used low-frequency current, and ultrasound.And the final result of the procedure is almost the same as in elektorolipolize.

special unit has a profound effect on the pulse subcutaneous fat layer, breaking up the fat deposits.Ultrasound pulse action also increases the metabolic processes in the tissues, eliminates stagnation.

Ultrasonic massage (speeds up the metabolic processes in the skin, so effective against acne on the face and cellulite on the thighs and buttocks).

Impact frequencies of different lengths stimulates the penetration of drugs and cosmetics in the deeper layers of skin, activates the lymphatic flow.

Contraindications to the use of the method: fever, skin damaged (scratches, abrasions), blood disorders, heart rhythm disorders, psychiatric diseases and cancer, pregnancy.

In the home version of the procedure can be done using ultrasound massager.Ultrasonic massager - a special device, the ultrasonic vibrations that penetrate to a depth of 1-1.5 cm in the skin, the action of the waves increases the effectiveness of any cream for face and body, helps to smooth skin and reduce cellulite.During the 35-minute procedure felt a pleasant tingling sensation, and it is stronger, the closer to the skin holding the machine.When working with ultrasound equipment can not prevent them from overheating, after a 30-45-minute procedure is necessary to allow them to cool.