Caring for eyebrows

«I met a girl - a crescent brow ..." Beautiful, is not it?Now imagine how your face would look without the eyebrows.Pale, unattractive, right?Eyebrows - part of your image, giving personality and uniqueness.Ugly eyebrows does not happen: to each his own - who are "house" who "crescent", who "thread."

In the 70 years the entire female half of the world went crazy for the thin "raised in surprise" brow-strings, which, frankly, were not all.

But in ancient Egypt eyebrows densely summed soot.In the East, many peoples fashionable interconnected eyebrows in the form of swallow wings - that Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich called "brovmi the Union."

And in the Middle Ages, imagine eyebrows shaved bald in order to increase the forehead and give the face an expression of spirituality and sophistication.

Japanese women and Chinese women are often plastered over his eyebrows, to draw on top of them and the other wide - in the form of a butterfly's wings.

When the French court ladies stuck eyebrows of squirrel skins.A na

tural shape of the eyebrows - even if perfect!- It is not taken into account.

current fashion does not recognize such kraynostey- now popular natural, natural-looking eyebrows.

Well-groomed, smooth brow may become bright accent even the most nondescript face.But rough sticking out in all directions hairs deprive the attractiveness of any beauty.Therefore, for the eyebrows need to regularly take care of - and this is not difficult.

eyebrows - are the same hair, who need constant nourishment and strengthening.Consequently, for these purposes, perfectly fit all the shampoos, conditioners and air conditioning, which we use for washing the hair.Apply these funds should be a cotton swab on a course of hair, and wash - warm water and very carefully.After such a straightforward procedure, eyebrows become obedient and shiny.For those interested in greater density and richness of color, there is a wonderful recipe: a small amount of grease eyebrows of castor oil, which strengthens the roots, it nourishes hair follicle and gives hairs darker shade.

Castor oil rarely causes allergies, but in any case carry out a simple test: put a drop of oil on the elbow bend.If one day this place will not be itchy red spots, the "beaver mask" can be applied safely.

And remember for the future: such a test should be carried out with any means color and care - skin, eyebrows, eyelashes or hair.Fueled eyebrows should be regularly - about once every 7-10 days.Only then will they become really well-groomed and expressive.