" With what joy I meet your lovely eyes ... "

These are the words of romance I. Kondratyev "charming eyes."
And what we have in reality?The eyes, if not the expression (wiser and tired), so the state of the eyelid skin give the woman's age.Not to mention the wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles and swellings - these problems faced by any woman older than twenty-five.How to hide the traces of aging or treacherous sleepless night and keep the eyelid skin in good shape? The skin around the eyes requires especially careful treatment.First, repeat the banal truth - do not forget to wash off makeup at night.Otherwise, inflamed eyelids and under-eye circles are guaranteed.Remove makeup better tools specially designed for the make-up remover century as they passed safety tests for the conjunctiva and cornea.The evening dress for the eyes, there is another subtlety - wash "beauty" should be very careful, smooth, massaging movements.Rubbing the skin can not be, otherwise it will stretch and droop.It is better to use two cotton pads, one hold at the lower e

yelid, and the second drive along the lashes from the top down.This will protect the eyelids from paint residue.

Almost the most common problem with the eyelid skin, - dark circles under the eyes .They appear due to violation of the venous outflow of blood, which can be caused by chronic stress, smoking, lack of sleep and alcohol abuse.Excellent tool to combat "bruises" - Mask of parsley, and should be used and the tops and roots: the green handle with dark circles, and the roots - with edema.Finely chop the parsley, then apply to the skin around the eyes and leave for 15 minutes (in addition, that the grass is perfectly whitens) Many familiar and swelling when hardly come unstuck eyelids after sleep, and they look much swollen.These disorders of blood circulation can be controlled by various means.

To start recommend morning toe massage .Massage the skin around the eyes pat.In lower eyelid move from the temples to the nose and the top - on the contrary.Pay special attention to the inner corner of the eye, because it is here are the main blood vessels responsible for blood flow in the area of ​​the face.On pat highlight for 2-3 minutes, no more.It was the turn of strong pressure.They are made only at the lower edge of the orbit from the temple to the nose (attention, do not touch the upper eyelid, or you might damage the eyeball!).Usually, after such massage eyelid swelling is greatly reduced, and an hour or disappears completely.

• drip 1-2 drops of lemon juice before applying the cream in the face - and the skin will be amazing, velvety and radiant!
• In addition, there are a few folk and, most importantly, time-tested recipes, how to get rid of the swelling and "bruises".This is an effective mask made from potatoes - clean potato, cut into slices of medium size and cover their eyes for 20-25 minutes.
• Excellent results will compress and tea 2 tea bags soak in boiling water and cool in the refrigerator, apply to the eyelids.Chilled tea leaves stimulates microcirculation and promotes the outflow of venous blood and lymph.

And, finally, about wrinkles.The most common view of their peculiar especially to gay people - so-called «crow's feet» .

make them more invisible help honey mask: Melt 1 tablespoon of honey in a water bath, add the same amount of wheat flour and a beaten egg white.The resulting mixture was put on the area around the eye and hold for 15 minutes.It is advisable to spend a month's course of using a honey mask - then the result is impressive.

And finally - do not forget to be surprised: a genuine interest in the world and shine better than any mask Young in his eyes.