How to choose a hairstyle right.Evens proportions ( I am the most beautiful )

The hair reflects the level of people's culture and his tastes.In ancient times, renaissance and rococo era, in the first half of the XIX century were hair, the shape of which we can now only cause nedoumenie.Tak, in the early Renaissance hairstyle was constructed at the back, while the front part of the head hair shaved within order to obtain high-pure and forehead.

In an age of rococo held the view that the perfect harmony gives the division into two parts.The head of a huge structure of hair is one half of the body - other.

completely opposite view is held today.His head and hair are considered to be harmonious if they together constitute one-seventh of the body length.

Hairstyle used as a factor in the alignment of proportion.While in an age of rococo sought by a very high hairstyles achieve the above-mentioned division into two parts, in our time trying to achieve on the proportions of the possibility to meet the modern ideal.

Women's haircut a boy, appeared in 1922, marked a new chapter in the

history of modern hairstyles.Big hat size were pushed into the background, and the focus was very hairstyle.It was created so as to fit the task at hand: with the help sought may get closer to the oval shape of the face, which to this day is considered as an ideal.

human face can be mentally divided into several parts, the size of which is in relation to each other in certain proportions.Shown here is the face divided into two parts, which forms the boundary between the line through the nose, and eye pupils.Each of the thus obtained halves can again be divided in half, and then is divided into the upper half of the forehead and details hairstyles, and the bottom half of the main elements are the nose and the mouth and chin area.

division can be performed in a different way.A person can be divided into three parts and

dividing lines in this case are the tip of the nose and the upper edge of the superciliary.

Putting together the individual parts of the face, to give conditional mental division, it is possible to determine the shape of the human face.And on this basis - to pick up her hair.

- If you have the ideal form person, then you have complete freedom of choice.You can do the middle and freely do without it, do a little perm, to arrange a short-cropped curly head with bangs and without it.It is true that you should never forget about the need for harmony between clothing, hairstyle and hair color, because it is a person, strictly corresponding to the laws of proportion, but devoid of personality, it may seem banal.

Along with regular oval shape, there are other forms of the face and head, including round, square, elongated, pear-shaped, and others. With the help of hair can be achieved proportions alignment.In other words, to find the individual shape of hair corresponding to the given shape of the head and this hair color, we must first carefully examine the shape of the face.

necessary to choose a hairstyle that takes into account the individual features, hairstyle, which is in harmony with the shape of the head and face, you will decorate and make more attractive.In this form of hair, of course, must take into account fashion trends.

- When elongated face updo and too long, falling on the neck of the hair would come into conflict with our understanding of the correct proportions.Therefore, the front part of the head is necessary to maintain the flat.If you are also too high forehead, small bangs fit well.Missing width will be replenished hair, drooping along the face, combed to the side (ears should be covered as much as possible).On the back of the head hair ends in small curls.

- When triangular shape of the face is particularly striking disproportion between the forehead and chin area.The impression of too wide forehead can be attenuated through successfully coiffed bangs or individual locks.In this form of facial hair is selected somewhat longer than usual, light curls can reach the middle ear.Widely spaced locks provide the necessary framing, softening the appearance of a pointed chin.

- square face has excessive width and low height.Therefore, hairstyle, in any case, without adding anything to the face width, should create an additional height to a hard and angular face shape to give female softness.

Barber, as well as you with daily brushing, should be guided by the following basic rule: successfully made bangs or curls, you must create an additional roundness and height.Side strands combs back, ears, if they are not too large and not protruded, is left open.

- When round face apply the same recommendation, the purpose of which - to lengthen and narrow face.Well in this case, the current short hair, at the nape - hair with a comb-over the top.Since the ears are covered in these conditions cause the impression of imbalance, you can leave them open, especially if they have a beautiful shape.

- cone-shaped and pyramidal .Here we are dealing with a very narrow forehead and wide, powerful chin.The natural desire to be free and some increase in size to expand the area of ​​hair temples.In front of the ears in any case should not be visible ringlets or curled hair.

Quite different circumstances are found, when we look at the face side.

- sloping forehead .It refers to the line of the forehead somewhat inclined backwards.Such forehead is often accompanied by a small pointed chin.
Considering that person geometrically, it can be defined as a form of put on the tip of the quadrangle.Leveling proportions should hairstyles via both the upper and lower half of the face.High throw up at the top of the head and, despite this, it is easy on the face of falling strand successfully fills the gap at the top.The impression of the jaw will be mitigated by the abundance of curls at the nape.

- high or too low forehead. In this and in another case, the problem boils down to, to find the right balance between the size of the face and hair.In the presence of high convex forehead facial attractiveness will suffer if you are with a few curls drooping over his forehead bangs do not do this half face shorter.In contrast, high combed hair and forehead region increases, thus, face sizes.

more difficult to arrange side of the forehead.It is necessary, especially if the boundary of low omitted hair and does not capture a significant part of the face, a good haircut and styling successful soften the hard lines of the contour the sides.

- Big nose .Our conception of harmony in any case does not meet the overly long nose and a receding forehead, combined with far behind the hair knot on his head.This only underscores the ugly profile, and the head as a whole can be suspicious to resemble the caricature.Rather than expose himself to such danger, better mitigate the severity of such a characteristic profile of expressive hair in front of the head.Of course, this requires a very good haircut, because in front of the head hair should be of appropriate length.Person apparent in this case is very large, can not tolerate the hairstyles, the central part of which is turned back.Delicate covering ears curls, bangs, curls at the nape harmoniously aligned proportions.

- Back of the head, neck and shoulders to a large extent determine the form hairstyles at the back.For example, trying to line-up designed to lengthen hairstyles and short broad neck.In contrast, the impression of too long and thin neck improve hair wider rear.

If we are dealing with a short slender neck, then to achieve the necessary harmony, we must first determine the right balance between the body and head (including hair).Of course, the choice of clothing should contribute to this.