Chemical peels for the face ( facial )

What is a chemical peel?The chemical composition, which is applied to the skin and has an exfoliating action.The first peels used for the treatment of acne scars in the 1930s and is very irritating to the skin, but more sparing formulations used today.Action peeling depends on the degree of acidity and the effects of time - much like a bleach hair products. Easy peeling .Example easy peel - glycolic acid, a natural product derived from sugar cane.It exfoliates dead skin cells, removing them and opening a new layer of skin is not subjected to external influences and therefore has a more even color and texture.Peeling with glycolic acid - a common salon treatment that does not cause absolutely no discomfort (except for patients with hypersensitive skin).

After peeling solar pigmentation fades, the skin looks radiant.Superficial peels exfoliate loofah scrubs and more, but can not use it to get rid of scars and wrinkles - it is necessary to apply the average concentration of peeling.Within a month after a

light peeling skin stays nice and moist to the touch.If you perform procedures on a monthly basis for six months, the skin becomes more elastic (stimulates the production of collagen)

Peeling average concentration.These peels penetrate deeper, smooth wrinkles and reduce the traces of scars and lighten spots.But it is a controlled burn specialist acidic, so 1-2 weeks will be spent on the restoration and creation of a new layer of skin.The first two weeks, the skin peels off, his face swollen, there is redness, burning sensation and tension, like sunburn.After this period, you can go out, but the redness and shine remain for another three weeks, so you have to use masking agents.

Examples pshingov average depth:
* Trichloroacetic Acid Peeling
* Jessner
* outgo phenol solution

Deep peels - yesterday, today they are hardly used.They remove a layer of skin and leave the deeper layers.Thus it is possible to reduce the scars, lighten age spots and wrinkles.Deep peels are used for grinding before there were lasers.Laser therapy is much better, because the action of the laser is easier to control.After applying the acid process can not be suspended, and the laser can work in stages.

Despite all the disadvantages, some doctors still use deep peels.But among the side effects - skin infections, herpes, prolonged redness, unhealed scars, spots of dark pigment and loss of pigmentation.

Useful tips .
- Before and after peeling, use only those creams that are recommended by the doctor.
- Using drugs with retinol-A shortly after peeling may lead to redness and peeling.If you use a cream with retinol-A constantly, notify your doctor.He will say, when you can renew the application of the cream.
- At least two weeks after a light exfoliation and up to three months after deep peels can not sunbathe.

principle of action of peeling .Stores facial scrubs remove dead particles and flaky skin.The person becomes more smooth and radiant.Peeling operate on a similar principle, but penetrate deeper, so improvements are more noticeable and long-lasting.The deeper the peel, the more layers of the skin is removed and the pronounced and faster the improvement.However, after deeper peels and leaves more time for recovery.The main thing - to find a balance between the desired effect and minimal skin irritation.Discuss with your doctor what effect you want to achieve, and together choose a suitable formulation.

How effective peels?The unequivocal answer to this question is no.Peeling average depth results in a noticeable improvement as compared with a slight peeling, skin healing but requires time.If you make a superficial peeling, do not expect fabulous improvements, but there are pros: do not have to sit at home and wait for recovery.
We train the muscles to be in shape.Peeling, microdermabrasion and light treatments in the same way to stimulate the skin.Provoking a faster cell renewal, you maintain a healthy immune system, strengthens the elastic fibers and stimulate collagen production.

Applications .Popular peels for the face and neck, but also superficial peels make hand.Just be careful:
• The skin of the neck is so thin and delicate that even a superficial peels can vyzvat

• If you have switched to a new cream or a lot of sunbathing, the skin becomes more sensitive.Always tell the doctor about what means of skin care products you use

• Peeling contraindicated for people who have recently za¬gorali, patients with tanned or dark skin - have an increased probability of occurrence of dark and pale spots

• Peeling contraindicated in patientswith sensitive skin, skin lesions and inflammation (eczema, dermatitis).There are a variety of skin diseases in which peeling is contraindicated, and your doctor must tell you about it before the procedure

• Good replacement peeling for people with sensitive skin - treatment with infrared light or broadband pulsed light.