What lipoaspiration ?( It is interesting to know )

Liposuction (lipoaspiration) - surgery to remove fat.
Some time ago, during the liposuction using a simple needle, hollow inside.This needle-tube inserted into an incision in the skin and included the "vacuum cleaner" sucking fat.At the same time, of course, torn blood vessels, nerve endings, and after the operation for a long time did not heal huge bruises decreased sensitivity in the area, formed the so-called "Medusa head", that is, on the edges of the treated area remained fat.Now there are new devices for lipoaspiration with two needles.One needle carries a current which melts the fat, the second sucks it.

However Liposuction is not for everyone.You can count on success only if: you have normal weight or exceeds by only a few kilos of excess fat and only in certain places

you are physically healthy, mentally balanced and realistic in their expectations.

For a good final result is also important to have a strong elastic skin.Pendulous not fit into the new contours, and require additional surgery

to remove it surplus, will inevitably remain visible scars that need to be taken into account.

Liposuction is not recommended if the proposed transaction on the site recently performed surgery in this area or poor circulation, if there are serious diseases of the blood or other internal organs.

Please note: liposuction necessarily change your appearance, will help to gain confidence in themselves, but for others ... Not necessarily people would otherwise apply to you.Somebody loves you and so, and someone you are in any (most skillful sculptor created) appearance will be indifferent.

Before the operation.Before you go for liposuction, think carefully about your decision, discuss with your doctor the possible outcomes.And remember: Liposuction is safe if the patient is carefully examined previously, the operating is provided with all necessary equipment, the doctor is experienced enough in designing the body, as well as general surgery.But even with such a trinity, though in rare cases, but there are troubles.

especially this happens when subjected to extensive liposuction or many areas of the body simultaneously.There may be festering, accumulation of serous fluid under the skin.But more often there are complications aesthetic plan - roughness and skin laxity in the operation area, asymmetrical limbs, inverted scars on the skin puncture site.

can reduce the risk by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon, confidently holding method.Guarantor are, of course, not colorful, zazyvnye and many promising advertisements, but only "school" - the institute, clinic, where many developments, which employs professionals who value their reputation, transferring experience from generation to generation.

is of great importance not only strict adherence to all the advice of a doctor after the surgery, but your preliminary conversation with him.It will help you understand whether you are psychologically compatible with the doctor, who trust in the operating and recovery period.

At the first consultation the surgeon will evaluate your general condition will determine the places where the fat, figure out the features of your skin.Ask your doctor to tell you about alternative methods of body design, which can help you.For example, when pronounced excess skin and fat on the belly - a tummy tuck (cutting excess tissue).Decide together with the surgeon the volume of each phase of the operation and the number of the stages themselves, the possibility of combined treatment.

Be honest when discussing your desires.And the doctor should be honest in describing your potential risk and the real results of this operation.Ask what type of anesthesia will be used, which will be made of skin punctures and, of course, what the prices are.

Be sure to tell the surgeon about cases of lost or "acquisition" much weight, if any, have occurred, inform about past and current diseases, allergies, and do not hesitate to ask yourself questions you may have.

doctor is sure to give all of the recommendations will tell you how to prepare for surgery, how to eat, what vitamins and medicines to take before beginning treatment.If you ever caught a cold, picked up an infection (especially the skin), the operation will have to be postponed.

advance take care of who will drive you home after surgery and help in the early days.

under anesthesia and after.Extensive make sure liposuction under general anesthesia, a small - under local anesthesia, which robs sensitivity, as surgeons say the surgical field and simultaneously soothes: the patient is awake but is relaxed and does not feel discomfort.

surgery usually lasts from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the body portion and the amount of fat removed.The incisions the surgeon tries to hide in natural folds, scars that are invisible.

not tune in to the fact that after the operation, you will immediately look and feel good.To prevent swelling and bleeding gain (and they certainly will be!), You need 2-3 days, and sometimes more (this is determined by a physician) elastic wear comfortable clothing, belt or hose.Some days you will feel a burning sensation and pain.The operated area can even temporarily losing sensitivity.This should not disturb you.Traces from a small incision, swelling, and skin color disorders are held a month or two, although some remain for six months or more.

And then ... then you will have your new body contour ... only a small scar (it should not come as a surprise to you).Can you have anything you want, to exercise.The newly formed fat, usually in the areas already been operated is not delayed.

Liposuction can reduce or remove the excess.But often to improve the figures need something to increase - to make symmetrical eggs, fill tissue deficit inner thighs, legs did not seem to curves or depressions in the buttocks ... Then during the operation introduced a special bio-gel.