The most populous US recognized landmark Times Square

famous Times Square in New York City, which the residents themselves metropolis called "crossroads of the world", won the title of the most visited tourist attractions SSHA.V 2009 rather narrow patch among the skyscrapers visited as many as 37.6 million peopleRIA "Novosti" with reference to the Forbes magazine.

Neon outdoor advertising in Times Square, which covers the area day and night, is considered to be the most expensive in America - millions of tourists not only look, but and send your photos from here on mobile phones of family and friends, as well as place the captured images on the social networks.

On New Year's Eve Times Square has become the most visited place in the world when the crystal ball descends from the roof of a skyscraper owned newspaper The New York Times.Thus, the millennium (the millennium) met here about 2 million people.About 80% of visitors to the US business capital will certainly come to Times Square.

second most popular place among the tourist attractions takes walking

alley gambling capital of the USA in Las Vegas, which overlook the most luxurious hotels and casinos - "Venice" with recreated canals and gondoliers sing classical arias, "Bellagio" with its musical fountains "Caesar's Palace ", filled with the luxury of Roman emperors.

In 2009, the alley, which the Americans call the "strip", strolled 29.1 million.

The third position in popularity among tourists - the National Mall in Washington, passing through which you can see a lot - from the monument to the first US president to George Washington to the Congress building, which rises on Capitol Hill, as well as the current residence of the US president - the White House and the nine majormuseums of the capital.

Tourism - an important source of income of the American capital.Only spring festival brings cherry blossoms in Washington, the city budget of 130 million dollars, collected from the wallets of tourists.According to travel agencies, visited here for the year of 25 million travelers.

Among the other top attractions of the American rankings proved market Fenway Hall in Boston, Golden Bridge and several other historic areas of San Francisco, the spurs of the Appalachian Mountains - Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee, the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, as well as amazingDisney parks in Florida and California.