" Bum trips " to help save money : Secrets niggardly tourists ( travel the world )

Going even cash-strapped travelers, experts believe may be on vacation abroad.It is only important to know and follow some rules that will help to get almost all forms of foreign fun for free.

most burning question for many tourists - the search for a roof over his head.There are several legitimate and sufficiently safe ways to find accommodation for free, according to Turist.rbc.ru.This may be a housing exchange, no matter what you have just one room in the Moscow suburbs: some extravagant rich man, who decided to see the lives of ordinary Russian inhabitants, may well offer you for her villa on the French Riviera.However, such variations are rare, experts admit.

however have their own homes as a means of exchange it is not necessary: ​​all over the world there are people who are ready to shelter visitors and free.They should look at resources like couchsurfing.org.If the "fit" to anyone not failed and desperate situation, you can try and pass the night at the station.

This option, of course, is not

as good as the station - this is the most criminogenic place of any city.Furthermore, many terminals are closed at night.

more comfortably and safely get to spend the night in a sleeping bag on the floor in the ATM booth.To do this sufficiently open any door by means of a plastic card.Theoretically, such facilities should be equipped with video surveillance and security must immediately expel these intruders stragglers.However, in practice, many people manage to sleep there quietly and unnoticed.

Hunger better meet with housewives

Another major item of expenditure is the tourism satisfaction of hunger, with which it becomes difficult to deal with time.However, and on food can be thoroughly saved if instead of visiting restaurants to buy groceries at the supermarket and use other tricks in the style of "bum-tourist".Some travelers and did manage to eat for free, going to the store in the morning, along with housewives.It was at this time there are numerous tasting presentation, which can be enough to eat all kinds of new and fresh products.

In addition, the major trading rooms in Europe are free from the coffee machines, running all day.There is another "ruse" to starving foreigners especially greedy travelers do not disdain to eat up other people in fast food restaurants.It was there in a hurry customers often buy more French fries or sandwiches than they can eat.Then they come to the rescue and more hungry counterparts.

The road is dangerous not to pay, but you can

Transportation costs also subject to reduction if the situation requires it.The most common way to travel free of charge - to go hitchhiking.However, for those who are afraid to get into the car to a stranger, in Europe there is a long time search engine for travel via the Internet, where you can read reviews of driver and passengers.

however, is not particularly scrupulous tourists enjoy, and other methods of movement: for example, go "rabbits".If you change the train and constantly in motion to move from car to car, checking tickets the chances are close to zero.Of course, all this is troublesome and dishonestly, but some such way to travel quite satisfied.

The experts advise did not forget about the risk of fines.And banknotes penalties can be quite serious, especially since the guilty be entered into a special "black list"."Do not pay for his misdeed - Guaranteed next time with the consulate issues", - experts warn.

Hike for art

Tourists vlachaschih miserable existence, does not necessarily lead philistine street lifestyle.At least you can always organize a cultural program with visits to museums and other attractions.If you have no money for such activities, it is necessary to remember the feature works of European cultural centers: practically all museums thence a certain day a week or a month working for free.

can also be calculated to trip coincides with any holiday or festival - on the streets will be full of artists and musicians of all kinds.Often driven by adherents kouchsёrfinga (Search accommodation on the web): strangers are not only willing to settle at absolutely a stranger, but can sometimes play the role of a free guide to home town.


saving journey into austerity mode, try not to pay for anything.It drives them to some indiscretions, including petty theft.So, they steal the toilet paper in the toilets of a café or hotel, to use it not only for its intended purpose, but also to provide himself with napkins and handkerchiefs.In the same toilets they get hold pieces of soap or poured into road soap bubbles, then to use it as a shower gel and shampoo.In the end, even the most unscrupulous person wants to be washed from time to time.

Some manage to "take a bath" right in the restrooms of restaurants.If a tourist is not far from the sea or lake beach, it is quite able to bring herself up in a comfortable environment - under a beach shower.