Tricks and omissions hoteliers ( World Travel )

room description did not read the description of the reservation?Then do not be surprised then if you have to share a room with a stranger.The most common mistake of tourists - not to pay attention, that the price is not for the room, and for a place.DORM Cipher is the total number, which can take several guests.Marking a Double-up also signals a "dorm" - the "double-settling" when in one room lodge two strangers.In a cheap hotel room may not be a bathroom, but if specified bathroom, this does not mean that the next will be obligatory and toilet.Finally, the shell does not guarantee the existence of hot water.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner ...

Sometimes information about nutrition designated cipher: BB - lodger serves breakfast, HB - half board (two meals) or the FB - full board (in price includes three meals).OB codes (only bed), AO (accommodation only) or EP (exept pation) mean that for the power supply will have to pay separately.In itself, the news that the room serves breakfast, nothing says.If i

t is a "continental" or "European" breakfast (CBF), then in a cheap hotel in the morning in the restaurant you can wait for a drink, a plate of her lonely yutyaschimisya transparent slice of cheese, a few grams of oil and possibly stale bun.A more generous owners of the hotel will allow to diversify the range of eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit - but it's all in strictly limited quantities.The "American" breakfast (ABF), in addition to the "European" set include sausages and salads.Mention buffet (VVF) gives hope that it will be possible to fill the plate with no restrictions.But in inexpensive hotels range is often limited by the same tea, rolls, cheap cheese slices and a bowl with butter cubes.Meanwhile, if you paid only breakfast, may buy lunch and dinner on the ground will not be possible: in a good hotel restaurant can be spaces.


The mere mention of the Internet may involve both wi-fi (sometimes in the rooms, sometimes only in the lobby), which you can easily "catch" your laptop, and a single networked computer standing in the lobby forcommon use.Work on it will not work, because abroad there will be Russian keyboard, and you have the soul will be ten more people who want to check e-mail or chat with my friends to Facebook.If the description of the hotel there is the note that internet is available free of charge, it means, most likely, will have to pay for it.Meanwhile, do not rule out the possibility that the Internet was not only "for effect" and upon arrival administrator habitually planted hands and complain that "the provider that is broken and promised to fix in the next week."Yes, and this happens even in civilized Europe.When on vacation, you can not exist without the global network, try to advance to enter into correspondence with the booking service.


The hotel has a car park?Do not rejoice too soon!Some hoteliers believe parking cameras equipped with a huge garage, and others - in no way indicated, unfenced and, naturally unguarded part of the sidewalk in front of the entrance.And not the fact that there will be empty seats - the territory of something belongs to no one and book it for you, no one can.

for children Entertainment Almost the largest number of disappointments regard attractions for children.Please note, if size is specified areas for the kids?It was noted there that there are babysitting and animators, and in this role will have to act as parents?And the language spoken by the personnel?Before the golden child of promise slides and cascades swimming pool, read more reviews of eyewitnesses on independent sites.It is not excluded that the "mini-club" would be the ordinary spread out in a dark corner of the mat with a dozen scattered over his old toys, and a beautiful word "water park" called a shallow puddle with lowered into her five-foot chute.

And finally, photos of the hotel ...

They should pay attention to the last.Neither the size of the rooms, nor the purity of the hotel conclusions can not be done on them.Designers often placed next to the description of the picture suites (even if it is not about it), forget quickly change the image after renovation in the hotel, and traditionally very abused Photoshop type program that is easy to hide the dirty spots, mold on the walls, worn-out furniture, brokenplumbing and make an ordinary room apartment Sheikh.