How to cope with increased sweating ( tricks )

sweating - a natural protective reaction of the body to increase the temperature.Evaporate excess moisture, the body cools.Normally, at room temperature, a person can allocate up to 400-600 ml of sweat sutki.No trouble we deliver only the excess moisture, which does not have time to evaporate from the skin surface.This is especially true armpits, where evaporation of the liquid is difficult.This gradually leads to unpleasant odor.

cope with yourself then easy: just take a shower or use wet wipes.It is much more difficult to win it the smell of sweat.

Normally, natural scent of pure body is quite attractive.Sharp and unpleasant it becomes due to lack of personal hygiene, or a sign of an illness.In medicine, excessive sweating is termed hyperhidrosis (from the Greek. "Enhanced water").Most often, hyperhidrosis indicates the presence of some serious disease.Often, excessive sweating is associated with chronic fatigue syndrome or neurosis, diseases of the autonomic nervous system, withdrawal syndrome.The

cause of hyperhidrosis can also be the presence of cancer or infectious diseases, hormonal disorders, such as puberty or menopause, abnormal metabolism in diabetes, certain genetic disorders and many other diseases.Therefore, before you start to deal with excessive sweating, you should set its cause.

fight against unpleasant smell of sweat is to reduce the secretion of apocrine glands, reducing the amount of bacteria and elimination of hazards.Compliance with these rules will help to reduce sweating and the accompanying smell:

• Moderately eat salty, spicy, spicy food and coffee - these products increase sweating.

• Take a shower twice a day, especially in the summer, after exercise or stress transferred.

• In some cases, a treatment with drugs that affect the secretion of sweat glands.

• Carefully watch for his clothes - because often the smell of sweat is retained on it.Give preference to natural fabrics.

• Use deodorants and antiperspirants in particular, reducing the activity of the sweat glands, and in case of need - special powders and ointments.

• Pay attention to the list of ingredients that make up the deodorant - they appear on the packaging: kill germs that cause body odor, triclosan, chlorhexidine, terpenfarnezol.

• recommended to drink a cup of decoction of sage in the day to reduce perspiration (without sugar).

It is interesting

in the armpits, around the nipples, navel and genitals are special sweat glands, the so-called "smell cancer."They exude trapped on a subconscious level body odor.If a person in a bad mood, this smell is unpleasant if good - on the contrary.

is also known that a fresh male underarm sweat affects women soothing, beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle by reducing the period between ovulation.In medicine, an extract of male sweat is used to restore fertility.