Talk about them : Yagudin marry Jasmine getting married

Singer Jasmine is going to marry a Moscow businessman, due to pregnancy Tatiana Totmianina suffered Yagudin wedding in the summer, the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva Eugene Boldin for the second time became a father - the most discussed topics in the Russian SMI.Figuristka Tatiana Totmianina is on the first monthspregnancy and soon marries Alexei Yagudin, the portal writes say that Yagudin was planning a wedding in the fall, but in connection with pregnancy Tatiana, decided to hold the ceremony in the summer.Recall that in January 2009 in a car accident in Totmjaninoj killed her mother, Natalia V..Alex, dropped everything, rushed to support Tatyana from Moscow to St. Petersburg.Most of the costs then Totmjaninoj skater took over.Since a pair of steel are often seen together.During a tour of "Ice Age", they lived in the same room, and went to lunch together skaters.

When the couple, which acted Tatiana took off from the project, Alex suggested Ilya Averbukh and Tatiana Tarasova Totmianina incl

uded among the members of the jury, although formally a participant of the show did not have a right to judge of its recent competitors.Earlier, Alexei attributed novels with gymnast Yana Batyrshina, "fabrikantka" Victoria Dayneko and Sasha Savelyev, figure skater Anastasia Gorshkova.

Singer Jasmine again gathered under the crown, according to of a romance singer's 30-year-old Moscow businessman working in the field of show business, there were a year ago.According to people close to the singer's entourage, George, namely the so-called new satellite Jasmine, met her in a difficult period for the singer after her divorce from her husband - a businessman Semendueva.George helped the singer in the organization of concerts.At Jasmine resumed touring and she recorded a few clips.A few weeks ago, during a tour in New York City Jasmine she said one of her friends, in the near future is going to marry.

Star couple actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and figure skater Pyotr Chernyshev opened his own ice rink on the Black Sea coast.The couple plans to bring to the project their friends and colleagues on the show "Ice Age" and arrange a weekend ice show in Yalta, writes sponsor of the new project was made by the mayor of Yalta Sergey Brajko.The project was called "Yalta ICE": it will be located on the waterfront, the rink area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 800 square meters.According to the publication, Anastasia and Sergey has long-standing friendship.The head of the city was one of the guests at the wedding of the actress in September last year.

61-year-old producer, ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva Eugene Boldin for the second time became a father, said "KP".Belarusian singer Marina Lyakh gave birth to a girl who was named Masha, weighing 3 kg, and the growth of 50 cm. Marina endured childbirth well, and three days later was published, accompanied by a happy father Eugene Boldin, appeared at the celebration of the birth of Philip Kirkorov.