Talk about them : Sloutsker divorcing her husband because of Mironova

The media are discussing a new beloved Mickey Rourke Russian model Eugenia Volodina, a possible divorce businesswoman Olga Sloutsker, and besides Brad Pitt's threat to break their relationship with Angelina Dzholi.V secular parties Moscow rumors that broke one ofMoscow's most famous couples of the world - Olga and Vladimir Sloutsker, write "News".The owner of the network of World Class, a successful business woman Olga and her husband, a member of the Federation Council Vladimir for several years did not appear in public together.Surrounded by the owner of a reputable chain of fitness clubs claim that the reason for divorce, one of the strongest pairs of the capital's leading lights became an actor Yevgeny Mironov, writes, Olga more and more often appears on the social events is in its maintenance.Media official statement did not give the couple.The only detail in which all the gossips are united: Olga was initiated fracture.How to find the journalists of "Izvestia", the peaceful divorc

e is not, Mr. Sloutsker intend a divorce divide not only wealth, but also children.

56-year-old actor Mickey Rourke became interested in young Russian supermodel Eugenia Volodina, reports Daily Mail.Rourke recently seen surrounded by young girls in the elite New York nightclub.Most attention Rourke paid one of them, which was later identified Russian model, 24-year-old Eugene Volodin.Without hesitation couple kissing in front of the public.Photos kisses already hit the pages of the foreign press.Volodin - a supermodel with a world name, working at Valentino, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.On its west is called "Amazon", "vamp" and "Russian goddess."

British magazine Grazia reports that her husband was the famous actress Angelina Brad Pitt recently scandal in their family house in Long Island, and threatened to divorce actress.The reason for this was a new diet which Jolie has decided to go to prepare for the role in the new blockbuster.Angelina Jolie is going to reduce your weight by 10 kg using the Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet extreme diet - "21 pounds in 21 days."only liquid food to be taken in the framework of this diet - but every two hours.According to the advertisement, this method clears the body of toxins.Edition RTE Entertainment claimed that Jolie is due to diet suffers from weakness and dizziness.