Legendary chansonnier Charles Aznavour - 85 years

May 22 marks 85 years of the legendary French singer Charles Aznavour.Maestro is full of strength and energy: anniversary meets in the United States, where give a series of concerts and record a new CD "Dzhaznavur 2".The States Aznavour flew straight from the Cannes Film Festival, where he presented the animated film "Up", in which the voice of one of the roles, "I never let them celebrate birthdays - recognized Aznavour -. But if you want me something to give, give the bookor two. I have an excellent library. "

During his life, Aznavour has written texts about 1000 songs, played in 60 movies and has sold over 100 million records.His songs are performed by Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Liza Minnelli, Julio Iglesias and many other famous musicians.According to one poll, Aznavour named the best singers of the XX century.

Charles Aznavour and his family

Charles Aznavour, whose real name is Shahnur Vahinag Aznavuryan, born May 22, 1924 in Paris.Two years before the birth of the son of his parents, Armenian

emigrants fled from the Soviet government of Georgia.They dreamed of how to settle in the US, but fell in love with France and decided to settle in Paris.

Mother Aznavour Knar, was an actress.She came from an Armenian merchant family, who lived in Turkey.Father Charles, Michael, was an opera singer.He was born in Georgia, and Aznavour's paternal grandfather was a cook Tsar Nicholas II.The creative family was always short of money because of Charles's father opened a restaurant in Paris called "Caucasus", which, however, soon went bankrupt.

At his zenith

"I'm going to work up to 90 years and died in 100" - once said Charles Aznavour.When he was 75 years old, he announced his departure from the scene, but could not say goodbye to her.Now, at the age of 84, Aznavour continued active concert.

Charles began performing on stage with 9 years old, and made his film debut at age 12.At the beginning of the musical career Aznavour performed a duet with the composer Pierre Roshom, who accompanied him on the piano.Once they saw the great Edith Piaf and invited the musicians to participate in its tour of France and the United States - so Aznavour became a famous singer.He later hardened his honor a series of solo concerts in the Parisian "Olympia" - a long time Charles played there three times a day.

Charles Aznavour is also known as an actor - in his career he starred in more than 60 films, working with directors such as Rene Clair, Claude Chabrol and Claude Lelouch.The most famous paintings with his participation - "The Testament of Orpheus" by Jean Cocteau, "Shoot the Pianist" François Truffaut and "The Tin Drum" by Volker Schlöndorff.


Aznavour Charles Aznavour has been married three times, but the first two marriages ended in divorce - Micheline Ryugel could not share her husband with a stage, and married to Evelyne Plessis was short-lived and was later admitted himself Aznavour hasty.In 1967, the singer married Scandinavian Ulla Torsel, whom he met in Saint-Tropez.The couple lives happily married 42 years.Ulla Aznavour gave birth to three children - Kate, Misha and Nicolas.

huge role in the life of Charles played singer Edith Piaf.After Piaf, Aznavour gave impetus to his career, tied their touching friendship.The fact that the perpetrators were living together has become a breeding ground for rumors about their romance.However, Aznavour asserts that Edith had been only a platonic relationship."Edith was a miracle, and a miracle is impossible to resist" - once said Charles.

Aznavour once admitted that most of his life he loved Liza Minnelli.At the time when they are closely communicated, Minnelli was seventeen years old, and Charles at twenty-two years more."I did not have a chance," - says the singer is now.Fatal for Charles Aznavour has been working with Liza Minnelli.Their joint song "Everlasting Love" has been translated into many languages ​​and became the soundtrack to many films.

Aznavour - symbol of France

There is not a Frenchman, who would not know about the work of Charles Aznavour - the singer has long been a symbol of France, her domain."You conquer the world, so that you know how to worry!"- He spoke of Aznavour Charles de Gaulle.Name Aznavour entered the Hall of Fame songwriters, he is the winner of Cesar for achievement in the arts and a Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

chanson does not forget about their homeland, Armenia.In 1988, after the earthquake that killed 25,000 people, Aznavour founded a charitable association "Aznavour pour l'Armenie" ( "Aznavour for Armenia") and organized several actions to help victims.In February 2008, Aznavour, after long negotiations, agreed to accept the post of Armenia's ambassador to Switzerland.In December 2008, the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, Charles Aznavour granted Armenian citizenship.Charles Aznavour has admitted that the offer to become the head of the diplomatic mission was a great honor for him.

famous singer loves and Russia."I am very pleased upcoming performance in Russia, because here I was waiting for the most benevolent and emotional public" - he said before Aznavour concert in Moscow, which took place on April 20, 2007.In the autumn of the same year Charles back to the capital, this time on the anniversary of an old friend - Joseph Kobzon.The last time Aznavour sang in Russia March 28, 2009 - the performance was held in the concert hall in Barvikha Luxury Village.

Since 1977, Charles lives in Switzerland.Chanson says that the reason for this - low taxes in this country."Enough to sing for Tax Administration", - said Aznavour.